Arizona Chairwoman Kelli Ward Recaps Stunning Senate Hearing About Maricopa County Audit

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on July 15, 2021 | Sundance | 282 Comments

Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward provides an update tonight by recapping the Arizona Senate hearing today that exposed stunning election malfeasance in the Maricopa County ballot audit.   There is much more yet to come from the forensic audit finding, but the results so far show a significant collapse in voter integrity in the largest county vote.

As Ms. Ward notes, “This matter is far from over“….. There will be much more to come. Video Below:

The unmatched duplicated ballots (lacking a serial number) points to a similar issue discovered in Fulton County, Georgia, with double counted ballots.  The fact that the total number of ballots counted does not match the certified Maricopa County election results is again another big red flag.

The 70,000 mail-in ballots received that surpass the number of mail-in ballots mailed, points to someone photocopying ballots on regular paper stock.  That would also explain the lack of chain-of-custody documents for both the paper-stock and the scanned ballots.  Adding to the photocopied ballot likelihood is that some ballots showed ink bleed-through on the paper from one side to the other.

There are many issues identified, and we haven’t yet got to the “ballot mule” process.  Biden did not win the election, it’s all starting to come out.

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