Election Audit Organizer Jovan Pulitzer -vs- Former Michigan State Senator Patrick Colbeck, Things Get Salty

Posted originally on the conservative tree house July 17, 2021 | Sundance | 209 Comments

Jovan Pulitzer is helping with forensic election audits in Arizona & Georgia and is attempting to assist people in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania to do the same.

Appearing on the Pete Santilli podcast, former Michigan State Senator Patrick Colbeck and Jovan Pulitzer get into a heated debate about the weak effort in Michigan.  Things get salty and F-bombs fly as Pulitzer is very passionate about audits.  [Rumble Link Here]  If you don’t have time for the entire discussion, skip to the 24:00 minute mark and watch from there.  [Salty Language Alert – Don’t watch this with kids around.]

In addition to being a former state senator, Patrick Colbeck is a former aerospace engineer while Jovan Pulitzer is an expert in forensic election auditing.  The heat of the debate surrounds doing an audit of a part of the vote or doing an audit of the full vote in either a selected Michigan county or the entire state of Michigan.  Pulitzer is passionate, but tends to take the long way to the eventual point.

[Ask me why I don’t watch podcasts, and I give you back the same answer Dennis Miller once gave the ever-rambling Hannity…. “Sean, is there a gas station between me and the end of this question, because I’m running on fumes right now“… ]

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