Dinesh D’Souza Highlights The Duplicitous Reason Why RNC Club President Ronna McDaniel Does Not Support Donald Trump or MAGA Movement

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on July 20, 2021 | Sundance | 92 Comments

In a recent podcast segment [Rumble Link Here], Dinesh D’Souza points out the duplicitous motives for the RNC club to be okay losing elections.  In essence, it comes down to politics as a business model, which we have discussed here often.

Ronna McDaniel is the typical GOPe operational head (Michael Steele and Reince Prebius preceeding).  McDaniel loves the cocktail and country club circuit that is essentially a life of indulgence amid the donor class.  As D’Souza notes the business of fundraising, which is the preferred activity of McDaniel, is better from the losing side of the political dynamic.   Not coincidentally, the same financial motives apply to Mitch McConnell in the Senate.

This is worth watching because it is certainly true from a modern historical perspective.  And keep in mind the RNC and DNC are private clubs, private organizations.  There is nothing in the constitutional framework about political parties.  These are private organizations who can make any rule they choose and operate their business in any manner they choose.

The one issue that frustrates me personally; amid the known deep weeds and moves of the RNC as a club and their vitriolic hatred for the Tea Party before and MAGA movement now; is why President Trump continues to express confidence in Ronna McDaniel.

Yes, there is always going to be intra-party factions within the Republican system as a whole. However, the (at best) 10 to 20% of the club establishment, the Wall Street Multinational faction, are toxic to the objectives of restorative Americanism. The club elites, and this includes current RNC head Ronna McDaniel, simply hate the vulgarian middle-class and the base of the movement. Yet, for some unknown reason Donald Trump allows this to continue.

McDaniel is working against the interests of the MAGA base. The head of the RNC does nothing to highlight demonstrable election fraud; she stands aside and watches as media frame an extremist narrative against the base of the party she is supposed to represent. McDaniel does nothing to support the legal alliance needed to push back against election fraud; and worse yet, she does nothing to support the recruitment of MAGA minded candidates to lead the middle-class working revolution against the corrupt political system. Yet, amid these brutally obvious realities, no one ever seems to call it out.

Eight years ago, CTH spent almost two years following, tracking and researching their RNC club moves.  We had sources and moles all around them in every meeting.

Six years ago, CTH outlined the playbook they use to control election outcomes, and we specifically mapped out the ‘splitter strategy‘ they would deploy, AGAIN, to execute their scheme.  In 2016 they triggered every single tripwire we predicted in the exact and specific sequence we outlined they would.   And I am telling you right now…

….the Club is at it again.

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