Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward Gives an Update on The Maricopa County Ballot Audit, While DOJ Publicizes 7-Page Audit Warning Memo

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on July 28, 2021 | Sundance | 77 Comments

Arizona Republican Chairwoman Kelli Ward provides an update on the Maricopa County ballot audit and the new subpoenas sent by the state senate to county election officials who are refusing to comply voluntarily with requests for information.

The second hand count of the raw ballot totals was completed earlier today. Mrs. Ward walks through the content of the subpoenas and the purpose for them.

At the same time Arizona is wrapping up the ballot counting phase, it appears the Lawfare group is writing legal guidance on behalf of the DOJ. A seven page memo, with no official legal standing, was released today by the DOJ in an effort to intimidate any state or local officials who are conducting audits. The memo [view pdf here] looks like it was generated from within the “beach friend” community of Lawfare, the assembly of former DOJ members who are rabid political ideologues.

(Politico) – […] “While the Biden administration “guidance” document carries no formal legal weight and may not strike fear into local officials, the Justice Department used the release of the legal analysis to press their campaign of saber-rattling against Republican-led audits of the 2020 vote in Arizona and other states, as well as voting changes many GOP-controlled states are pursuing as part of purported anti-fraud efforts.” (read more)

Notice “guidance document” & “legal analysis”, which are political code-words to describe the Lawfare group writing their collective advice into a memo and the DOJ presenting it to allied media in an effort to give it some enhanced credibility.

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