Riding Biden Out On A Rail

Posted Originally on GrrrGraphics.com on JUL 30, 2021 AT 10:54 AM

Tar and Feathers will be in short supply soon

New Tina Toon

In Allentown, Pennsylvania an amazing scene unfolded.  Thousands of American citizens lined the streets to watch the “President” drive through their neighborhood on his way to “promote” American manufacturing that Biden is handing over to China. Expect American citizens were NOT cheering, they were jeering.

Yesterday thousands of Trump flags outnumbered the Biden flags as shouts of “Trump! Trump!” rang through the streets .  The people are awake and are giving  fake President Biden a big middle finger.

Biden is a liar.

Biden is a Traitor.

Biden stole the election.

The American people are not stupid. They understand what is going on. The fake news media and the illegitimate Biden administration are trying to create a narrative that the American people love Biden and are happy with his third world policies.

Many fake news stories and fake polls are trying to support this narrative.  It’s not working and Biden’s trip to Allentown proves that not only are the American people on to his game, they are fed up and willing to let the world know it.

As more and more people wake up, they are realizing that this America, Biden’s America, is not what they want for themselves and their children. American’s do not want to be separated and divided, by skin color, by gender or by vaccination status. We want to be a united, proud people.

Yet the Deep State wants us to be divided and fighting each other, that way we are distracted and not paying attention to the real enemies of American, which happens to be our corrupt establishment government.

People want facts and the truth. Biden wants us to shut up and obey.

“We know they are lying.

They know they are lying.

They know that we know they are lying.

We know that they know that we know they are lying.

And yet they continue to lie.”

Once the American people say, “You know Biden, we don’t believe anything you say anymore , we are done, we will not comply,” that is the point when the propaganda stops working.

We are a free people. We do not have to listen to the CDC. It is not an elected body, they can not make laws. The CDC can not force Americans to do something that they do not want to do.

Why would you go along and play a game where the rules are constantly changing in the favor of your opponent?

Do not comply.


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