White House Takes Aim at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Over Lack of COVID Restrictions

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 2, 2021 | Sundance | 336 Comments

I’m pretty sure everyone here could predict the White House would need to target any state or region that is not restricting freedom and applying ridiculous COVID rules and regulations.  States that do not force vaccinations, force masks, and generate mandates against their citizens are essentially enemies of the politically reliant dictators.

As a consequence, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis allowing his state to remain open and operating as normal, without arbitrary rules, restrictions and mandates, stands in open defiance of the demanded federal overreaction.  The White House cannot have Florida functioning without panic and fear, and still sell their doom and gloom forecast; so DeSantis becomes the enemy.

This is where the David Plouffe messaging comes into the White House press briefing room as Press Secretary Jen Psaki takes direct aim at DeSantis earlier today.  (video prompted) WATCH:

Everything about that soundbite is bait.  This is typical political planning and strategy being deployed with the help of corporate media.  The White House wants to draw DeSantis into a direct conflict so they can use false claims in media to create a totally fabricated narrative.  DeSantis would be well advised not to take the bait.

The Associated Press is already framing the narrative about Ron DeSantis killing people [Article Here] in an effort to support the larger corporate media alignment with the White House and corrupt government agencies.   The alarmist narrative around ‘the delta variant’ is unrecognizable to people who live in the state.

Without the news showcasing doom, gloom and generating anxiety amid those who still don’t comprehend the scale of fake news stories, you’d never know that COVID even existed in the free state of Florida.  The reality destroys the narratives; that’s the reason why DeSantis must be attacked.  Florida is undermining the entire national narrative.

What is happening on a national scale surrounding COVID 2.0, is soviet level propaganda being pushed through the alliance of corporate media and Big Tech.  The really odd thing is how many people seem to believe it.

DeSantis, and any free-state governor that comes under the attack of the White House and media machine, needs to ignore the bait.  The only way to win at this scheme is not to play; to go on the attack; to continually point out how intensely political the motives are, then start applying massive amounts of ridicule upon the House Democrats.

Do not take the bait.  When asked to respond to the White House, the DeSantis team needs to hit back hard explaining WHY the White House needs COVID:

Ex: …”The Democrats are going to lose their seats because they hate this country, and every action they have taken shows how much they despise the people of our nation.  Take a look at the unsecured border; illegal aliens flowing through while Democrats claim to care about COVID spread?  Take a look at our schools in crisis; kids isolated, parents frustrated, the teachers union running the show and education collapsing. 

These Democrats hate the middle-class and ordinary Americans; need proof, take a look at your grocery bill. These people you call Democrats, focused on controlling your life, are entirely detached from you, me and the American people.  They hate the working class; just look at the prices you are paying at the gas pump.  Face it, they hate you, and the American electorate is going to show-up in massive numbers in 2022 and remove them.  Next question”…

This is a battle against multiple enemies.  It is frustrating to see politicians accept the fraudulent premise thereby putting themselves constantly on the defensive.

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