Big Pharma Turns An Entire Generation Into Lab Rats | Ep. 932

By Matt Walsh  originally Published on Rumble on April 18, 2022 

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, leftists are fighting passionately to defend the profit margins of the pharmaceutical industry, even as Big Pharma uses an entire generation of children as lab rats. Also, federal officials hunt for the murderer of a dolphin, while letting the murderer of five infant children off the hook. Plus an MSNBC analyst explains why it’s a threat to free speech to allow people to say whatever they want on social media. And a Democrat candidate for congress aborted her child to save the planet. Finally in our daily cancellation, Ilhan Omar is upset because Christians were singing on a plane. We’ll talk about all of that and more today on the Matt Walsh Show. 

NBA star Jonathan Isaac has withstood immense pressure to conform to popular social issues. He’s now writing a book about his experience and is publishing with the Daily Wire. Pre-order your copy now:

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