NBC Outlines Washington DC Midterm Election Strategy

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 21, 2022 | sundance 

Giddy up…  In the next series of posts CTH is going to outline the 2022 midterm election roadmap for both wings of the DC political club.  Unfortunately, once you see the strings on the UniParty club marionettes, you can never return to that moment in time when you did not see them.

Long before President Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago was raided, both political clubs in DC appear to have developed a map to stop the voters from interfering in the DC business model.  Always remember, the color of the flag atop the dome matters not, the provided indulgences underneath the dome do not change.  Destroying the populist movement known currently as the MAGA base, formerly the Tea Party, is as much a goal for the red club as it is the blue club.

Shortly before August 8, 2022, club agreements were made, prior strategies within the DNC and RNC wings were triggered, and events began unfolding according to the script. In the aftermath of the raid the club’s narrative engineers now begin to finish setting the stage.  “Democracy is at risk” because of this populist uprising.  WATCH:

The cited polling is AVAILABLE HERE

… But it’s not the polling per se’ that people should be paying attention to. Instead, it’s the overarching national midterm election narrative being created.  There’s a vulgarian hoard out there creating all of this angst and trepidation you are feeling. Voters are going to have to decide if they want instability (an election outcome against the interests of Washington DC), or stability (an election outcome congruent with the interest of Washington DC).

This is how the abuser system works.  If you leave, you have no idea what might happen next; however, if you stay, you have the benefit of familiarity.  Even though the abuse is painful (‘we’re on the wrong track), at least it is consistent and predictable.  Skilled abusers leverage psychological resignation.

You might scoff at the metaphor, but on a larger national dynamic that’s our reality.  The club knows how to leverage this anxiety, and the club narrative engineers in media know exactly how to support it.  In the red wing of the club, CTH calls it ‘battered conservative syndrome.’  In the blue wing of the club, it’s ‘group think‘ by peer pressure.  The intents of both approaches are the same, keep the abused voter from exiting the cycle.

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