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I have been requested to advise on South Dakota John Thune against the backdrop of the upper chamber priorities nearing the election.  It’s a good topic for review.

One of the more challenging facets to awakening the general public on the scale of corruption within Washington DC is the need for people to drop party designations.

This is never truer than within the U.S. Senate where the mistaken “us -vs- them” perspective remains a pesky hurdle.

The blue team and red team are mirror images of themselves.  They are not opposites, they are mirrored – a big difference.

The policy objective is the same, the business model within DC (K Street) benefits the upper chamber the most.

Within this dynamic Mitch McConnell is the mirror image of Harry Reid.  Mitch has been grooming his replacement for a long time; that replacement is John Thune. Senator Thune is in a position that demands stealth.  Ideologically, think of John Thune as the mirror image of Gavin Newsom.  They are not opposites, they are mirrored – a big difference.

The system of affluence and influence has been created to self-sustain regardless of party affiliation. The Senate is one club with one ideological perspective. Within that club rule #1 dominates: none of the members will ever expose another member. So, when there is corrupt activity within the Senate no-one from within the institution will expose another. This is the code of Omerta within the upper chamber.  This is the way of the “my good friend” Senate and how it operates.

Current Senate Leader Mitch McConnell has a leadership group who carry out the institutional objectives of the upper chamber as a body, they include: Senator John Thune (whip); Senator John Barrasso (conference chair); Roy Blunt (committee chair); Todd Young (NRSC chair); Jodi Ernst (conference vice-chair); and Chuck Grassley (president pro tempore). None of these senators make a move publicly without approval from Leader McConnell.

In August of 2020, before the presidential election, Senate Whip John Thune rebuked the mail-in ballot concerns expressed by President Trump. Thune did this because ultimately the objectives of the upper chamber were more favorably aligned if President Trump was removed.

WASHINGTON DC – […] Asked if he agreed with the president’s repeated charges that mailed-in balloting will lead to a “rigged election” and “massive voter fraud,” the Senate majority whip told reporters, “I don’t.”

“Mailed-in voting has been used in a lot of places for a long time and, honestly, we’ve got a lot of folks that, as you know, they’re investing heavily in trying … to win that war. It’s always a war too for mail-in ballots. Both sides compete, and it’s always an area where I think our side, at least in my experience, has done pretty well,” Thune answered, adding: “I think we want to assure people it’s going to work, it’s secure and if they vote that way it’s going to count.” (read more)

(L-R) Barrasso, Blunt, McConnell, Thune and Ernst.

Senator Thune is one of the primary beneficiaries of Big Ag spending and Wall Street money.  Thune is the ‘whip’ of McConnell.  Thune is second in Big Ag contributions, with Senator Chuck Grassley being first.

Late December, 2021, the New York Times reported {LINK} that South Dakota Senator John Thune, the heir apparent to Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, was considering retiring because the Trump influence, the MAGA base, was not in alignment with his corporate and Wall Street donor class worldview.

Those who have watched closely know Senator Mitch McConnell has positioned Senator Thune to take over in the Senate (zipper problems not withstanding).  The Machiavellian purpose of the positioning is to put Thune in place as a line of defense to protect the interest of the political establishment and the aligned Fourth Branch of Government.

Now, follow this sequence closely….

January 8, 2022, the New York Times announced that Thune was indeed going to run for reelection {LINK}. “Senator John Thune of South Dakota, the second-ranking Senate Republican, announced on Saturday that he would seek re-election, after an aggressive lobbying campaign by colleagues prompted him to put aside concerns about the future of his party and pursue a fourth term.”

January 9, 2022, the usually invisible other Senator from South Dakota, Senator Mike Rounds, appears on ABC This Week with George Stephanopoulos, to undermine Donald Trump and say the former president “could be prosecuted” for his involvement in the J6 terrorist attack “if the DOJ has evidence.” [PROMPTED]

You never usually see this guy Mike Rounds…. who happens to sit on the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee…  yet suddenly, the day after Thune makes his reelection bid public, Senator Rounds sticks his head out of his hole to undermine Donald Trump?

Thune, South Dakota.  Rounds, South Dakota.  Who else,…. Kristi Noem, South Dakota.

Governor Kristi Noem is the Koch Brothers version of Nikki Haley.  A Wall Street donor favorite and open border immigration advocate who has been positioned to be a potential Republican candidate for 2024.  An approved republican candidate.

DeceptiCons: Anti-Trump. Arrest Trump. Prosecute Trump.  Thune replaces McConnell.  DeSantis/Noem for 2024.

You often hear people wonder why the GOP doesn’t push-back against the Democrats.  The reason is simple, the GOP are the right wing of the UniParty bird, the Democrats are the left wing.  They are mirror images of each other.

Both clubs are attached to the body of big corrupt corporatist government.

Watch the trade front.  Watch international trade, economics, banking and multinational corporation influence.   That’s the ‘trillions are at stake,’ and that’s where the opposition to everything MAGA comes from.

Reminder – June, 2015  ]

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