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Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 24, 2022 | sundance

**Bumped, 8/23/22 8:30pm ET**

My jaw came near the floor when I opened July’s electricity bill to find a notification of a 28% increase in electricity rates, effective immediately.  An increase of 28%…. just like that. This month, August, even higher with less use.

After the initial shock wore off, I started thinking about what this means to the working-class people in my community.

Already struggling with a doubling of gas prices, massive food price increases at the grocery store and the pain of all costs for goods far outpacing any rate of wage increase, this type of uncontrollable increase in price of electricity is going to hit hard.

In the past we have used CTH threads to spotlight the smart thinking and resourcefulness of Treepers from all walks of life.  A discussion thread where people can share tips, things that can actually be done, to help offset the financial pressures during severe economic times.  I think we may all benefit from starting a series of post like that again.

Let us share our wisdom and experience again.  There are many thousand who will benefit, as I have always done, from reading your smart tips and suggestions.

What ideas, tips and suggestions do you have to help people save money on ordinary life and living expenses?

These are painful economic times and the stress that is caused by financial worry is some of the most horrific family stress that people can face.  Let us come together with tips as a community to help each other.   No suggestion is too small.  What advice do you have that can help people save money on monthly expenses?

During one of our previous discussions someone gave a tip about putting a clean dry towel in the clothes dryer as a way of cutting down drying time and energy used.  I tried it and jumping ju-ju-bones it worked fantastically.  Simply putting a dry towel into the dryer when you add the wet clothes from the washer reduces laundry drying time by around 25%.  Not only does that save time, but it also saves money – and it was so simple.

So, what suggestions do you have?   Tips about anything and everything that might lower the monthly cost of ordinary life. No tip is too small. No suggestion is too odd.  Your advice can/will make a difference.

Please use the comments section to drop your advice.

Thanks again for being part of our fellowship.

Love to all.

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