Harmeet Dhillon Expands Discussion on Her Priority for RNC Change During Interview with Steve Bannon

Posted originally on the CTH on December 6, 2022 | Sundance 

Harmeet Dhillon Expands Discussion on Her Priority for RNC Change During Interview with Steve Bannon

December 6, 2022 | Sundance | 88 Comments

California Republican National Committee (RNC) Representative Harmeet Dhillon appears with Steve Bannon to give her expanded explanation of why she wants to become RNC chair and the reforms she views are needed within the national body. {Direct Rumble Link}

Mrs. Dhillon expresses a desire to remove the current divide that exists between RNC national members and the base voters within the states.  Reemphasizing the need for the populist voice to have representation in the Republican Party, Mrs. Dhillon outlines the need to shift priorities in order to align with the base voter. WATCH:

Steve Bannon is correct mid-interview when he says 95% of the donor apparatus to the RNC are globalist Wall Street billionaires and corporations who want the RNC aligned with their financial priorities.  That is a big issue and one not easily resolved.  As long as the RNC emphasizes the importance of money, the voice of the voting base will always be a secondary consideration.

The DNC wants power. The RNC wants money. The DNC uses money to get power. The RNC uses power to get money.  The ideology of the DNC drives their donor activity. The donor activity of the RNC drives their ideology.  This is the essential difference.

If you want to fracture the internecine relationships behind the RNC business model, here are my suggestions:

Start with the standards to be a member of the Republican National Committee. Structure the by-laws for RNC committee membership as you would a company with rules and regulations on the members.

First, no RNC national committee member, can be a registered or unregistered lobbyist. If you want to be a political lobbyist, you cannot be a Republican National Committee member.

Next, no RNC national committee member can be part of a Political Action Committee; run a PAC or SuperPAC or be a participating member of PAC or SuperPAC.

All RNC members must adhere to principles of representing voters, not internal party candidates. No RNC member can operate in any capacity on behalf of any candidate for any elected office.

As a Republican National Committee member, you are not allowed to be a contractor or subcontracted agent for the RNC with any financial interest in the outcome of RNC decisions.

No RNC committee member can operate a consulting business that *sells* services, directly or indirectly to the RNC, or otherwise benefits financially from the Republican National Committee.

Republican National Committee members agree to represent the voter interests of the RNC and carry no direct, indirect or familial relationship, with any donor to the RNC in excess of $100k that intersects with any official RNC business.

No Republican National Committee member, nor member of their immediate family, can hold interest in any group, firm, business or political entity (profit or nonprofit), that draws financial benefit from the RNC.

All RNC members agree to submit copies of their federal income tax filings to the RNC for review on a bi-annual basis, or as requested by the Chair of the committee.

Membership at the RNC is an ‘at will’ agreement, subject to removal and/or revocation of membership status by the national Chair at any time – with state chapters providing a replacement within 60 days.

State appointments to the RNC must pass a standard criminal background check conducted by, and at the expense of, the state chapter.

The National Republican Committee will form an advisory council to the Chair and establish a standard code of ethical conduct required for membership that will outline and define rules of conduct and other member rules deemed necessary to avoid any conflicts of interest.

No national RNC member can receive any financial benefit as an outcome of national RNC membership.

Unfortunately, the nature of the RNC assembly is the exact reason why this series of rules and or standards would never be allowed.  The RNC Committee Members, including Harmeet Dhillon herself, operate within a system that creates influence and affluence of the membership.  If you take away the money to be made with RNC national membership, particularly removing the ability of RNC members to sell influence to third parties and donors, the entire reason people join the RNC collapses.

The priority of the DNC is to win elections, assemble power and by extension control the mechanisms that deliver them wealth.  The priority of the RNC is money, and by extension winning elections is not the most important thing. The priority of the RNC is the accumulation of wealth for itself.

The DNC has ideology as their core mission objective, that focus drives their fundraising and ballot collection. In this approach the ideology remains consistent.  However, the RNC has monetary gain as their core mission objective, and that drives their ideology.  The RNC ideology is therefore subject to being purchased by the desires of the current biggest buyer.

The Democrats want power. The Republicans want money. The DNC uses money to get power. The RNC uses power to get money.

The biggest issue within the dynamic of the RNC is the lack of honesty, transparency and clear thinking stewardship.  The RNC regards Republican voters as annoyances to be overcome and managed in the assembly of their priority, money.

Harmeet Dhillon has expressed on her social media and recent interviews that she wants to change this dynamic.

We will find out late January.

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