Part 2 – Why Curation of Twitter File Release #8 Was So Important – The 2011 BETA Test Went Live in 2020

Posted originally on the CTH on December 21, 2022 | Sundance 

By now everyone is aware of the U.S. intelligence community relationship with social media.  Factually, and not surprisingly, dozens of former IC officials are still currently working in Twitter and hundreds more are identified working inside Facebook.  This is the overlay to the second part of why Twitter File Release #8 was so carefully curated.

In Part 1 [Go Deep Here], we walked through President Obama’s use of social media during the 2010/2011 ‘Arab Spring.’  This was the origination of the U.S. government using Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms as tools to accomplish their strategic objectives.

In Part 1 we also walked through specific examples of identical ideology and specific actions displayed in the 2011 elections (Egypt), and 2020 elections (USA). The similarities are not coincidental, and we left off by saying 2011 was the BETA test for what we saw in 2020.

The term “BETA test” implies a test run where lessons are learned and then later applied to the live version.  In this outline we are going to show exactly what the main lesson from the test was, and how that learning applied to the 2020 election.

The use of social media to install Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi was successful.  However, the Obama administration ran into a problem in the aftermath.

Immediately after taking office, Mohammed Morsi disbanded the courts, cancelled the Egyptian constitution and began implementing Sharia Law.  A terrified and awake Egyptian people immediately realized their leader was installed by western political scheme, fraud and deceptive use of social media by President Obama, Hillary Clinton and U.S. intelligence assets.  The Egyptians took to the streets.

After weeks of citizen protests and nationwide uprisings, the Egyptian military came into the picture on the side of the Egyptian people.

Well known commanding General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was respected by both the people and the military overall.  General al-Sisi agreed to support the demands of the people and the military removed Mohammed Morsi from office using the constitutional framework as a guide.  General al-Sisi then took charge and organized a national election after civil order was restored.

A reluctant General al-Sisi was elected to be president of Egypt by a vote of over 80% of the national population.  President al-Sisi then returned secularism to Egypt and provided security for the Christian minority.  Abdel Fattah al-Sisi showed the strength of his support by visiting Coptic Christian churches and slowly returning peace and stability to the country.

In later years al-Sisi would remove radical elements of the Islamic State from Egypt, secure the border with Israel, destroyed Hamas terrorist tunnels, brokered peace between the Arab world and Israel and his reputation and influence increased exponentially.  Through each of these actions President al-Sisi was despised by the Obama administration and U.S. State Dept now being run by Secretary John Kerry.

♦The key takeaway from this Egyptian example, was the ability of the military to upend the plans of the Obama administration.

During the Arab Spring BETA test, the use of social media to manipulate political outcomes worked.  The political outcome was achieved, Morsi was installed.  However, the military stepped-in and pulled the nation away from radical totalitarian chaos.

The lesson learned by the Obama administration in 2011/2012 was that military support could defeat their deployment of intelligence operations through social media, even if the installed political outcome of the IC operation was successful.

Put simply, the BETA test identified the military as a threat to the strategy.

Now, move forward in 2013, 2014, 2015 through to today.   What have you watched happen to the U.S. Military?

You now have new eyes, new hindsight and new reference points. What have you seen happening inside the U.S. military?

Take that BETA test forward into 2020 when the ODNI, DHS, FBI, DoD and IC influence over social media was deployed domestically to support Joe Biden.

Much like the Egyptian election of Mohammed Morsi, U.S. candidate Joe Biden was installed by the collective weight of an intentionally manipulated information system being controlled and influenced by the United States intelligence community.

If the 2011 BETA test of Morsi failed largely because of the Egyptian military…

In response to the 2011 BETA test, what would they do in the 2020 live domestic version?…

….Any Questions?

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