US is Losing Another War – Ukraine

Armstrong Economics Blog/Neocons Re-Posted Mar 7, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

The United States has launched a proxy war, unconstitutionally, circumventing Congress and the American people no less the entire world. What must be understood, is that the Biden Administration, the puppet of the Neocons led now by Victoria Nuland, has brought the entire world to the brink of World War III and they have now begun the countdown to the decline and fall of Western Civilization

Who is Victoria Nuland and why has she the queen of the Neocons? Victoria Nuland has been one of the leading Neocons always advocating war with Russia. She is behind the propaganda that Russia is on the verge of defeat and that the Russian army is really dysfunctional. This is standard propaganda. They put out the same exact line about the troops in Iraq. This is to convince Americans that they can wage war and it will be over in just a few hours or days. This is the typical Neocon sales pitch to justify their endless thirst for war. They are trying to provide justification to rush in for an easy defeat of their target.

Besides the Neocons’ treason against the Constitution always manipulating proxy wars without the consent of Congress in violation of Section I, Article 8, there is also one huge very serious undisclosed conflict of interest and the Biden Administration should immediately fire Victoria Nuland and all her supporters within the Biden Administration to save the world and our nation.

Victoria Nuland is really of Ukrainian Jewish descent. Her family changed their name to try to hide their Jewish ethnic background. She really would be Nudelman, not Nuland. She is actually the daughter of Yale bioethics and medicine professor Sherwin B. Nuland, who changed his surname from Nudelman to Nuland. She has retained her family name Nuland to perhaps further hide her Jewish connection by being married to Robert Kagan. Victoria speaks Russian, French, and some Chinese. Hiding her Jewish background is critical. Her father was raised by parents who were Orthodox Jewish immigrants from Ukraine. Hence, her grandparents were Jewish Meyer Nudelman (1889-1958) and Vitsche Lutsky (1893-1941). This explains why Nuland has been a public proponent for Ukraine to wage war against Russia.

Her husband, Robert Kagan, authored the “real Iraq Study Group” report of the American Enterprise Institute. This was the Neocon view of regime change. Kagan was said to have convinced President George W. Bush, to order the “surge” plan for changing the course of the Iraq War. It was Kagan who co-founded the neoconservative think tank in 1997 which was known as the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) with fellow Neocon William Kristol, who has a track record of usually being wrong. This has been the legacy of the Neocons in general.

Ron Paul plainly wrote: “Victoria Nuland exemplifies the neocons who have led US foreign policy from one disaster to another for the past 30 years while evading accountability. “ It is indeed time that we examine their Neocons who constantly usurp American foreign policy and will drive us straight into World War III. This may indeed be a family feud with Russia given both the Jewish and Ukrainian backgrounds.

Her Husband and Kristol used PNAC, from 1998 onward, to further the Neocon wars and their quest for Regime Change. Kagan was an early and strong advocate of military action in Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan as well as to “remove Mr. Hussein and his regime from power”. Kristol and Kagan teamed up and wrote an opinion piece in the New York Times where they put forth what is now known as fake news: They actually wrote:

“It is clear that Mr. Hussein wants his weapons of mass destruction more than he wants oil revenue or relief for hungry Iraqi children.”

They put forth their idea that the United States had the right to engage in regime change in other countries. They also wrote in the New York Times:

“And Iraq’s Arab neighbors are more likely to support a military effort to remove him than an ineffectual bombing raid that leaves a dangerous man in power.”

What I know from sources was that there was an intelligence report dated September 21st, 2001, that stated bluntly that there was NO evidence linking Saddam Hussein to the 9/11 attacks. Later, in the 2004 9/11 Commission report, they too concluded that there was NO “collaborative relationship” between Iraq and al-Qaeda. Nevertheless, Kristol and Kagan with the rest of the Neocons, including Nuland, supported the Iraq Invasion which began on the 20th of March in 2003. They used the national security excuse to keep Bush sequestered after 9/11 so Cheney could run the government unobstructed.

I have warned that the Neocons are NOT Republicans but actually began inside the Democratic Party. They are the political version of transgender keeping a foot in both camps. In 1976, Bill Kristol worked for Democrat Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s United States Senate campaign. Later, in 1988, Kristol was the campaign manager for black Republican Alan Keyes’s unsuccessful Maryland Senatorial campaign against Paul Sarbanes. So Kristol was on both sides of the aisle. He then taught political philosophy and the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. It was 1985 when Kristol first went to work in the White House serving as Chief of Staff to Secretary of Education William Bennett during the Reagan administration. Then Kristol became the Chief of Staff to Vice President Dan Quayle (1989-1993) in the George H. W. Bush administration.  This is when Kristol and Cheney were working together.

Kristol wrote The War Over IraqSaddam’s Tyranny And America’s Mission with his co-author Lawrence F. Kaplan, which was published on February 1st, 2003, one month BEFORE the invasion. Note the timing. This was written to support Cheney. It takes time to publish this book.

Kristol’s book states that the rationale behind the preemptive strategy against Saddam Hussein is simply that he is a dictator who threatens both his own people and the world. That is sufficient to justify the United States invading another country before he does further harm. Kristol offered no evidence to support his case and he simply stated that “we do know that Saddam is a terrorist.” Kristol went as far as to criticize both the first Bush administration and the Clinton administration for allowing the Iraq threat to grow.

The Neocons seem to have been supported by the so-called Republican Lincoln Project, which was so anti-Trump, it endorsed Joe Biden who has had no problem letting the Neocons rule American Foreign Policy which has been anti-Constritution. While the Lincoln Project asks for donations from Republicans, they seem to be worthy of donating your alimony requirements and any other legal expenses you might have. Their agenda was strangely aligned with that of Bill Kristol.

All of these groups were anti-Trump because he was against their regime change agenda and endless wars. That anti-Trump position killed Kristol’s Weekly Standard in 2018 after two years of anti-Trump articles simply to wage war. The PNAC think tank he formed with Nuland’s husband Robert Kagan collapsed even sooner in 2006.

Nuland’s broth-in-law, Frederick W. Kagan, and her father-in-in-law, Donald Kagan, are part of this family of Neocons’ intent of changing the world to their agenda using war and regime change. Father and son wrote “While America Sleeps: Self-Delusion, Military Weakness, and the Threat to Peace Today” in 2000. The book argued in favor of a large increase in military spending and warned of future threats, including from a potential revival of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction program, which never existed.

It gets better. Kimberly Kagan, Frederick’s wife, is the founder of the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), which is the source of much of the fake news. Most curious, even the New York Times wrote about this Kagan family that they were really leftists and very outspoken to the point of manipulating whatever to gain their view of the world. The question is, just why is this family, such warmongers?

This Nuland/Kagan family of Neocons with Kristol and others has one major gold – Regime Change. They seem to be under the delusion that the United States has the right to interfere in other countries and overthrow leaders they simply do not like. Can you imagine if Russia decided it too would adopt the policy of Regime Change and move to overthrow the United State Constitution and end public elections of the leadership? Would the American people support that agenda? Hillary made such a big deal claiming that Putin interfered in her election to ensure Trump would win – Regime Change? Did Hillary accuse Putin of doing precisely what the Neocons are trying to do in Russia?

Perhaps you will recall Biden’s March 26th, 2022 remark calling for Regime Change in Russia. He said: “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” at the very end of a speech in Poland’s capital. The HuffPost, which is always a Left-Biased publication, loved it. They reported that Biden wasn’t really calling for Regime Change, but instead only meant that Biden’s point was that Putin cannot be allowed to exercise power over his neighbors or the region rather than no longer head Russia.

Yet these Neocons’ view that it is their right to impose Regime Change over nations they disagree with constantly supports that if we overthrow these unacceptable leaders, their population will cheer and give us a ticker-tape parade. That has not taken place in Iraq or any other country these people have ever targeted. Victoria Nuland’s leaked phone call where she pushed her agenda saying “Fuck the EU” if they did not agree with her.

When testifying on March 8th, 2022 about bioweapons labs in Ukraine, Senator Rubio asked if Ukraine had biological or chemical weapons. Nuland hesitated and carefully responded that Ukraine has “biological research facilities” avoiding any description of what the “research” was about and if the US military was involved, it certainly had nothing to do with general public health. Nuland also carefully added that they were concerned that Russia could get its hands on their labs. If they were really nothing, then why be concerned if Russia walked into the lab? We they creating viruses to target just Russian DNA?

The entire mainstream press simply refuses to offer the slightest bit of investigative journalism. Based entirely on Nuland’s avoidance of the question, they declare that Russia’s claim of US involvement in 30 biological labs in Ukraine has nothing to do with weapons. They offered not a single shred of evidence and even if the Russians revealed what they found in a lab, they would call it Russian propaganda as they did with the Hunter Biden Laptop.

Ukraine at the beginning of 2022 and this Proxy War, had one of the largest forces trained by NATO in Europe as reported by the Wall Street Journal. The Ukrainian force was 200,000 active personnel and 500,000 when reservists and paramilitary forces were included. It draft included the ages of all males 18 to 60 years old to take up arms. As well, they have handed out weapons to all citizens that wish to pitch in along with instructing the population on how to make Molotov cocktails.

The deliberate fraud on Russia with the intentional Minsk Agreement that the former Chancellor of Germany admitted was only a stall tactic to allow Ukraine to build an army demonstrating that they never intended for any peace agreement and that the West has cleverly used the Minsk Agreement to allow Ukraine to raise an army for this intended Proxy War.

Victoria Nuland, who was in Kiev during the Maidan Revolution with then head of the Neocons – John McCain. That is when McCain lied to the people and said this is “about you and no one else.” Why would he use those words except to falsely project the pretense that he was there for the Ukrainian people rather than his hatred for Russia?

Indeed, from 2014 and the US installation of an interim government that was instructed to immediately launch a civil war and attack the Donbas,  the new interim Ukrainian government reinstituted the Draft as reported by NBC News on May 1st, 2014. The Ukrainian people never voted for this war. The Neocons circumvented the Ukrainian people as well. The first election took place on May 25th,2014 after they started the draft and launched their invasion of the Donbas.

By comparison, France had 205,000 active personnel, the UK 194,000, Italy 170,000, and Germany 184,000. Russia’s active force stood at 900,000 and it had 2 million in reserves. Ukraine had effectively the largest military trained by NATO. This presents a very serious question. Zelensky began drafting reservists 18 to 60 one day before the move by Russia to occupy the Donbas on February 24th, 2022.

If Russia has destroyed over 250,000 Ukrainian troops that have been trained by NATO, does this really support the Kagan family narrative that Russia is weak and we can take them in a few days? war review of keen interest for the whole world. Does the United States just sulk in the corner, or does it take the defeat of Ukraine as a battle cry to win one for Gipper? What happens in the future as Ukraine loses after pouring money that is twice that of the entire German military budget? Has the Kagan family fulfilled our model that this is the start of the Decline & Fall of the West? We are facing a very serious crossroads here as Ukraine falls under a massive Russian onslaught.  We are looking at the entire credibility of the Biden Administration and all the fake news that has been told us Russia will collapse any moment.

Nobody has ever been able to beat Socrates – including me. We must consider that the mess of Ukraine and the failure of all this money to bring down Russia to achieve this family’s quest for Regime Change or personal vengeance will be our undoing. As Ron Paul said: “Victoria Nuland exemplifies the neocons who have led US foreign policy from one disaster to another for the past 30 years while evading accountability. 


Ukraine will Used the Weapons to Attack Moscow – They Lied

Armstrong Economics Blog/Ukraine Re-Posted Feb 5, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

To get the weapons for massive destruction, Zelensky lied and promised that the weapons would not be used to target Moscow. Kiev’s forces will not hold back when it comes to hitting locations inside Russia, according to Fyodor Venislavsky, a member of the Ukrainian parliament’s National Security, Defense, and Intelligence Committee. Speaking to Germany’s Bild tabloid on Saturday, he also described Moscow as a “legitimate military target.” The West is arming Ukraine for long-range missile attacks on Moscow. Putin and the hardliner will now have NO CHOICE and will be fully justified in nuking Ukraine to end the war the same way the United States nuked Japan.

The corruption in the Western media is astonishing. This is not being reported in the USA or Europe. It is being reported in the Middle East and in Russia. The international fake news organization, Trusted News Initiative (TNI), a consortium to control all the mainstream Western Media, is promoting World War III and we are to be told Russia is evil and we must go to war to destroy every individual Russian on the planet. There is no longer any independent journalism left. I had learned in grade school history class that the media created the Spanish American War. Pulitzer later felt guilty and donated his assets to Columbia University to hand out awards for journalists when Pulitzer was the father of yellow journalism and sheer corruption.

This is ABSOLUTELY what our world leaders want to take place. In their view, Gates has convinced them that there are just too damn many of us and they cannot pay for all the pensions. It’s time to thin the herd. They need war to reduce the population and eliminate the debt crisis.

For all of those who support Zelensky and hate all Russians or at least buy the bullshit propaganda about Putin, take a last look at your children and grandchildren You are condemning them to a future that may not even exist. Your stubbornness and refusal to look at the truth have emboldened our World leaders to steer us directly into world war III. I have had Ukrainian employees on both sides from Kiev (Its original Russian spelling) and Donetsk. I have had experience with Ukraine and they are DESPISED by all their neighbors for they are the remnant of Hitler’s Nazis. The wheel of fortune has completed its revolution. We are now supporting the Ukrainian Nazis Ethnic cleansing operation of the Donbas.

Now, former President of France Hollande has come out and confirmed that they negotiated in bad faith to create the Minsk Agreement ONLY to buy time for Ukraine to build its army to start World War III. Hollande has come out and also confirmed there is no interest in peace, this is to destroy Russia – plain and simple. This will end ONLY when Russia fails. There absolutely no reason for China or Russia to negotiate with Europe or the United States when they NEVER keep their word. Treaties mean absolutely nothing anymore and that necessitates World War III for there is no other solution.

I warned before, Zelensky was put in place to start World War III. I publish that Zelensky was intent on creating World War III in February 2022.

Was COVID Just a Rehearsal for WWIII?

Armstrong Economics Blog/War Re-Posted Feb 2, 2023 by Martin Armstrong


You’ve taught through many historic examples that politicians drag us to war because they need an external enemy to hide their failures.  Wag the dog.  Have you considered this time around the U.S. will enter ww3 to cover up the reveal of the covid vaccine blunder?  Yes, war will still hide the debt crisis of western nations, but maybe the vaccine reveal kicks this thing off.  The barrage of sudden deaths is starting to overwhelm the bullshit.  Our leaders, especially Biden, are incredibly compromised by pushing the shit vaccine.


ANSWER: The COVID lockdowns were created as an exercise in controlling the sheep. This war was set in motion for some time. John McCain ran to Ukraine and he was all exited in December 2016 as soon as Trump was elected. He assumed he could manipulate Trump and promised unlimited funding to wage war against Russia.

I know for a fact, that this war was set in motion in 2014 but it was in the planning stages well before even that. In 2015, McCain was meeting opening with the Nazi movement. COVID was clearly just a rehearsal in their exercise of the abuse of power.

Must Watch – Mark Houck Recounts the Story of His Fight Against Evil Enterprise and the DOJ

Posted originally on the CTH on January 31, 2023 | Sundance

In his own words, Mark Houck appears with Steve Bannon to describe the events that led to him being arrested by the FBI and fighting a legal battle with the DOJ.  An incredible story of valiance against evil enterprise. {Direct Rumble LinkWATCH:

Part II Below

Australian Aid Worker/Mercenary in Ukraine Gives Different Account of War, Russian Success Against Western Alliance and Chinese Assistance

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on January 30, 2023 | Sundance

Several people have sent this video interview requesting opinion.  The video reflects an interview between two Australians.  The interviewer is a podcaster the person being interviewed explains his background on the ground in Ukraine as “officially” an “aid worker,” however, what he describes is more like a mercenary.

The interview is rather lengthy and starts at 02:13 with a question about what is happening in Bakhmut in the Eastern Ukraine fighting battlefield.  The unknown Australian merc in the interview describes the Russians overwhelming the Ukraine forces in most battles.  The Ukrainian military units have made several strategic mistakes that have played into the hands of the more capable Russian forces.

The main Russian element being described is the Wagner group who are well known to be brutal and strategic special force fighters.  The interview is from a pro-Ukraine, pro-western alliance perspective.  However, in the bigger picture the Ukraine military units are being ground down by attrition, despite the massive amount of aid being delivered by NATO allies.  The description is a rather brutal assessment of the devastation created by horrific modern warfare.  WATCH:


Summary: Ukraine not winning. Wagner PMC/Russian tactics and technology vs. Ukraine. Chinese tech advisors helping Russians. Non-existant Medi-vac. Western Military Aid Stolen 60% off the top 40% sold on black market. Russian Artillery Domination. Ukrainian Officers Incompetence. Ukrainian Soldiers Lack Basic Equipment.

Adam Schiff Predicts Political Operatives in U.S. Intelligence Community Will Not Assist House Intelligence Committee, or House Subcommittee on Federal Govt Weaponization

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on January 25, 2023 | Sundance 

While these remarks are cast against the backdrop of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy refusing to seat Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Eric Swalwell (D-CA) on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), the larger point within his remarks about the intelligence community need to be emphasized.  {Direct Rumble Link}

While claiming McCarthy has no right to stop himself or Swalwell from participating in the 118th Congress HPSCI, Schiff claims the larger intelligence community will no longer share information about national security matters with the committee if he is not present.  Essentially, without Schiff in attendance to politicize the intelligence information, the larger intelligence community will not cooperate.

Additionally, and somewhat in direct alignment with CTH predictions about the House Subcommittee on the Weaponization of Government, Schiff declares the intelligence agencies of the United States government will not cooperate with the subcommittee.  Again, as the argument is made, if democrats are not positioned to defend the Deep State, the Deep State will not cooperate.  WATCH:

Watermelon head, Adam Schiff play the victim card.

Nothing within these remarks should come as a surprise to CTH readers; however, the open hostility within the prediction by Adam Schiff should serve as a stark underline for the challenge the House subcommittee will face.

Why do Neocons Want War with Russia?

Armstrong Economics Blog/War Re-Posted Jan 24, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

Lindsey Graham is the twin brother of John McCain. I had asked John McCain once why he hated Russia so much. He never responded with any reason. It was always the same nonsense he always spread before Putin and after. It has baffled me as to what the difference is between Germany and Russia. We do not belittle Germany or hate its people solely because of Hitler. When it comes to Russia, it does not matter who is president, nothing ever changes. Graham said:

“If Putin gets away with this, there goes Taiwan. If Putin’s successful in Ukraine and isn’t prosecuted under international law, everything we’ve said since WWII becomes a joke. He will continue beyond Ukraine.” 

Lindsey Graham is an outright neocon who will say anything to achieve his dream – the destruction of Russia even though it is not communist. There is absolutely ZERO evidence since the fall of the USSR that anyone has sought to conquer Europe. Both Hitler and Napoleon were seeking to re-establish the old Roman Empire and rule over all of Europe. Both attempted to take Egypt to relive the glory of Rome. Some say to fulfill the prophecy that the end will come when the Holy Roman Empire Rises for that will be the time when we die. Don’t worry, Putin does not aspire to that dream. I’m not so sure about the American Neocons.

To even say if Putin wins in Ukraine, “there goes Taiwan” is an absolutely delusional statement. If anything, China would be better off taking Taiwan as the US foolishly keeps sending military arms to Ukraine. The US has already transferred thousands of artillery shells from a military weapons stockpile in Israel to Ukraine. They did the same sending weapons from South Korea to Ukraine. It was reported back in March of 2022 that planes take off almost daily from Dover Air Force Base in Delaware filled with Javelins, Stingers, howitzers, and everything else they can fit. Likewise, Germany began the same in February 2022.

Just this past week, the US military warned Biden that Is the U.S. Running Out of Weapons to even send to Ukraine. The EU foreign policy chief  also warned that “the military stocks of most [EU] member states has been, I wouldn’t say exhausted, but depleted in a high proportion, because we have been providing a lot of capacity to the Ukrainians.”

While the US aid to Ukraine came in at $113 billion far greater than Russia’s budget of 65.9 billion, it is double the military budgets of both France and Germany. It is approaching 50% of the annual budget of China. Just looking at the military spending, Russia has not been preparing to invade Europe. This is absolutely an absurd argument.

John McCain has never changed his view of Russia regardless of who is at the helm. Politico called him the “American antagonist of Russia.” It was McCain who kept pushing NATO Eastward up to the border of Russia all on his claims that if the West does not expand NATO, then Russia will. He proclaimed that those in power did not want to restore the “Soviet Union, but the Russian empire.” There was NEVER a single move that Russia ever made to imply that theory was remotely correct post-1991 and the fall of the USSR.

Lindsey Graham is carrying the banner of hatred for all Russians. It does not matter if Russia overthrows Putin, he dies, or retires. He will still hate Russia and want an all-out war to destroy Russia wiping it off the map once and for all.

The Russian people like Europeans and Americans, do not want war. Like everyone else they just want to enjoy life and take care of their families. It is always the leaders who create all the wars. We are just the dirt beneath their feet – the great unwashed who are always expendable because there are too many of us anyway.

This hatred of Russia is a strategic psychological tactic to sell the idea of war to the common people so they are willing to die for something they think is noble. Not much different from the young arab terrorists who are told this is a holy war and God will reward them if they blow themselves up. The leaders there too will never blow themselves up either.

So why do people like Lindsey Graham just hate Russians and wants war at all cost? It is hard to say. We do not hate Germans today because of Hitler. So why do we hate Russians because of Stalin? One thing is for sure, this hatred of Russia is exhausting our own conventional military supplies so while we cheer claiming Ukraine is winning, we will not be in a position to defend even ourselves if China and North Korea, as well as Iran, decide to join the party.

Former FBI Counterintelligence Lead Officer Who Investigated Trump-Russia Collusion, Arrested for Colluding with Russia

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on January 23, 2023 | Sundance

There is A LOT going on inside this story, and the pair of indictments only scratch the surface.

[WaPo – New York Times – ABC News]

According to the DOJ, “A former Special Agent in Charge of the FBI New York Counterintelligence Division [Charles F. McGonigal, 54, of New York City] and a former Soviet and Russian diplomat [Sergey Shestakov, 69, of Morris, Connecticut] were arrested Saturday on criminal charges related to their alleged violating and conspiring to violate the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) and conspiring to commit money laundering and money laundering.

Interestingly, there are two sets of indictments.  The first is in New York related to the U.S. sanctions against Russia, specifically Oleg Deripaska  [SEE HERE].  The second is in DC related to money laundering, payments from Deripaska [SEE HERE].  The New York case is related to post retirement activity in 2021.  The DC case is related to activity when Charles F McGonigal was taking money from Russians, and apparently others, while simultaneously investigating Donald Trump, “from August 2017 and continuing through and beyond his retirement from the FBI in September 2018.”

It would appear, Main Justice in DC is concerned about the timeline and are structuring the money laundering prosecution to keep tight control in Washington DC, for the period when McGonical was a special agent in charge.   However, given the backstory of the players involved, and known 2021 FARA filings that hit on the organizations involved, the FBI and DOJ have known about this issue for quite some time, at least 18 months prior to the indictments today.

These indictments are a rabbit hole that runs sideways from the Trump-Russia collusion nonsense and includes the use of “contractors” in 2021 that McGonigal had to know from his time in the FBI counterintelligence operations.

Charles McGonigal was the operational lead who kickstarted the Trump Crossfire Hurricane investigation in 2016 (a false construct) per testimony by Jonathan Moffa [pg, 32/33], and was also the lead official in charge of the investigation into the DNC email leak (WikiLeaks), claimed by the U.S. government to have stemmed from Russian hackers (another false construct).

Following his work in the DC bureau of the FBI, McGonigal was moved to be Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division in New York.  He retired Sept ’18 from New York.

From the DOJ (New York Case):

“In 2021, McGonigal and Shestakov conspired to provide services to Deripaska, in violation of U.S. sanctions imposed on Deripaska in 2018. Specifically, following their negotiations with an agent of Deripaska [likely, Yevgenyi Fokin], McGonigal and Shestakov agreed to and did investigate a rival Russian oligarch in return for concealed payments from Deripaska.

As part of their negotiations with Deripaska’s agent, McGonigal, Shestakov and the agent attempted to conceal Deripaska’s involvement by, among other means, not directly naming Deripaska in electronic communications, using shell companies as counterparties in the contract that outlined the services to be performed, using a forged signature on that contract and using the same shell companies to send and receive payment from Deripaska.

McGonigal and Shestakov were aware that their actions violated U.S. sanctions because, among other reasons, while serving as SAC, McGonigal received then-classified information that Deripaska would be added to a list of oligarchs considered for sanctions as part of the process that led to the imposition of sanctions against Deripaska. In addition, in 2019, McGonigal and Shestakov worked on behalf of Deripaska in an unsuccessful effort to have the sanctions against Deripaska lifted. In November 2021, when FBI agents questioned Shestakov about the nature of his and McGonigal’s relationship with Deripaska’s agent, Shestakov made false statements in a recorded interview.” (link)

Within the indictment [pdf here, page #12] the methods McGonigal intended to use to assist Oleg Deripaska in the investigation of a competing oligarch:

[Source pdf, page #12]

Now if you were a former FBI counterintelligence special agent and high-level officer within the organization, what subcontractor would you be reaching out to for support and research assistance on behalf of a client?  Occam’s Razor = the same subcontractors you used when you were in office.   Where would those subcontractors be able to look?… likely the same FBI/NSA databases we have been discussing for years.

Now, put your reference thinking cap back on, remember when we were saying back in 2017/’18/’19, that if FBI contractors had this kind of database access as described by the NSA and FISA court, wouldn’t it stand to reason there were also people inside these contracted agencies that would monetize their access to sell information.

Remember that conversation?

Well look at what is outlined above under the auspices of “dark web” files and McGonigal “obtaining funds from Deripaska to purchase” them.

Dark Web” files my ass, these are the files extracted by government contractor access to the FBI and NSA database.  It’s not a leap, heck, it isn’t even a nudge, to see the connection here.  I digress.

Back to the filings, let’s jump to the Money Laundering one in DC (SEE HERE).  The bold name is my suspicion on who the unnamed character is:

[…] Charles F. McGonigal, 54, a former FBI Special Agent in Charge of the New York Field Office, has been arrested on charges relating to his receipt of $225,000 in cash from an individual who had business interests in Europe and who had been an employee of a foreign intelligence service [Evgeny Fokin], while McGonigal was serving as Special Agent in Charge of FBI counterintelligence efforts in the New York Office. McGonigal retired from the FBI in September of 2018.

According to the nine-count indictment, unsealed today, from August 2017 and continuing through and beyond his retirement from the FBI in September 2018, McGonigal concealed from the FBI the nature of his relationship with a former foreign security officer and businessperson [Fokin] who had ongoing business interests in foreign countries and before foreign governments. 

Specifically, McGonigal requested and received at least $225,000 in cash from [Fokin] and traveled abroad with the individual and met with foreign nationals.  The individual later served as an FBI source in a criminal investigation involving foreign political lobbying over which McGonigal had official supervisory responsibility.  McGonigal is accused of engaging in other conduct in his official capacity as an FBI Special Agent in Charge that he believed would benefit the businessperson financially. (more)

Likely due to his senior official status and close relationship with the DC FBI, the investigation of McGonigal was/is being handled by the Los Angeles office of the FBI.  According to the press release, “the FBI Los Angeles Field Office is investigating the case, with significant assistance provided by the FBI Washington Field Office.”

If you read the indictment pdf here and are curious about the New Jersey businesses and law firm involved, there is an excellent article from 2021 [SEE HERE] about a FARA notice that connects all of these dots together. “On Nov. 29, 2021, Sergey Shestakov, the former Soviet diplomat, registered as a Foreign Agent for Fokin, the alleged former senior Russian intelligence official.” (more)  That FARA filing is likely the construct of the issue that led to the indictments today.

Last point.  Why would the Washington FBI turn on one of their senior FBI officials?

It seems odd, knowing the corruption inside the DOJ and FBI, they would throw a bag over Charles McGonigal.  In normal DC operations they would retain this information as leverage against McGonigal for later use; and/or as an insurance policy against him. Something triggered the FBI and DOJ-NSD to act.

McGonigal did nothing on behalf of Oleg Deripaska, much different than Chris Steele or Adam Waldman did.  Chris Steele was at one time working for Deripaska, and Waldman -a lawyer/lobbyist with deep DC connections- was representing Deripaska’s U.S. interests.

Sure, the sanctions regime against Russia might have changed things, but essentially trying to get sanctions removed wasn’t by itself illegal.  It’s the money exchange where things get into legal trouble.  “Money laundering” only applies if the source or origin of the money is illegal; thus, the action to conceal the origin of the money creates the issue of money laundering and conspiracy therein.

…”In 2021, McGonigal and Shestakov conspired to provide services to Deripaska, in violation of U.S. sanctions imposed on Deripaska in 2018. Specifically, following their negotiations with an agent of Deripaska, McGonigal and Shestakov agreed to and did investigate a rival Russian oligarch in return for concealed payments from Deripaska.”…

The DOJ-NSD, FBI and U.S. government knew this from the FARA registration.

… And McGonigal was leveraging his FBI knowledge to get investigative searches conducted deep within the NSA/FBI database.   But apparently neither he nor the subcontractors are getting in trouble for that part.  Go figure.

Neil Oliver Interviews Dr. John Campbell About the “Breakdown of Trust” Toward the Medical Establishment Due to COVID-19 Vaccines

Posted originally on the CTH on January 16, 2023 | sundance

Another great albeit lengthy interview for consideration.  U.K. political pundit Neil Oliver interviews Dr. John Campbell amid a “knowing what you know now”.. type outlook and discussion over the current status of the COVID-19 vaccination protocol.

In the arc of his pandemic discussion and evaluation, Dr Campbell is now in facing considerable discomfort as he outlines the “lost trust” in the healthcare industry, as an outcome of manipulated science.  This has been a painful journey for John Campbell as he outlines in the interview.  Dr. Campbell himself took two doses of the mRNA vaccine, based on the professional advice of the industry.  However, as he states in the interview, he can no longer assert his belief in the science that led him to his original decision, and given what he knows now, he would not have taken the vaccine.  WATCH (prompted):


A conversation following the journey of a pragmatic believer down the path to uncomfortable cynicism.

Ukraine & Fake News

Armstrong Economics Blog/Ukraine Re-Posted Jan 4, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Marty, I am impressed. Your contacts are unsurpassable. You put out two months ago that Ukraine lost 100,000 soldiers. Some did not believe you. It turns out that was classified information. Ursula von der Leyen, the head of the EU, had released a video and then edited it deleting that very information at the request of Zelensky. All this is to hide the fact that Ukraine has been losing the war as you said. With its armed forces down at least one-third.

Here is the video that is now going around.  You also said that Bucha was another false flag where Ukraine killed Russian Ukrainians and left their bodies on the streets to blame Russia. You said there were videos that NATO had and was hiding. My hat is off to you. You really do have reliable sources.


REPLY: You have to understand that creating false flags is the #1 occupation of Ukraine. They shot down the Malaysia fight and tried to blame the Russians. They shot a missile into Poland and claimed it was a Russian attack on NATO.

On March 31, 2022, the mayor of Bucha was joyful in announcing that the settlement had been liberated. He does not talk about any corpses on the roads and the terrible destruction of mass graves. It was two days later when suddenly photos and videos of people lying along the road appear and horrendous stories about hundreds of dead being thrown in mass graves. These reports did not surface until two days after the Russians left. The Ukrainians were staging another false flag. Why did the mayor appear joyous and made no mention at first of these atrocities?

It is to the advantage of Zelensky who appears before every parliament he can ask for money. In Italy, he claimed Russians were capturing children and torturing them. That allegation vanished. He says whatever he can to get money. He could have just complied with the Belgrad and Minsk Agreements but he is determined to lead the world into war. The US Pentagon has come out and even said that they CAN NOT independently verify what took place in Bucha. There is no way to verify anything in Bucha and there are videos that show people laying in the street pretending to be dead with no blood and then there are videos showing they get up when the camera passes.

The Ukrainians are out to create World War III. They are desperately trying to get the West to invade Russia and their goal is to utterly destroy Russia and the Russian people who they hate passionately. Look at this propaganda video they used to tell the world Russians killed Ukrainian civilians. In this video, the bodies are people just laying down. You see no blood. , the “corpse” on the right is moving his arm  At the 30th second, look in the rearview mirror. The “corpse” sits up! This is why the Pentagon remains silent. NATO has videos also confirming Bucha was a Ukrainian false flag. The rumor is that when the Ukrainians did enter Bucha, they themselves killed any ethnic Russian Ukrainians there.

All of this propaganda is to enrage the people to call for World War III. Zelensky has even called on NATO to launch nuclear weapons and wipe out Russia . Zelensky will destroy the Ukrainian people with this insanity.  He is lying to the world about the devastation of the losses and is searching for a way to get NATO to invade Russia. He uses this propaganda to gain support worldwide. The US has handed him $113 billion when Russia’s annual military budget is at best $65 billion and Germany’s is $56 billion. The US is spending untold amounts of money for the total destruction of Russia.