The Government Unconstitutional Manipulation of News

Armstrong Economics Blog/Corruption Re-Posted Dec 27, 2022 by Martin Armstron

Perhaps you will recall when Edward Snowden exposed the truth that the government was spying on American citizens, they called him a traitor and want to imprison him for life or even execute him for revealing that the government no longer complies with the Constitution.

Absolutely NOTHING came out of that and the government claimed it was Snowden who was risking national security. Now with everything coming out from Twitter, the same thing is taking place at YouTube, Google, Microsoft, you name it. That little backdoor that Microsoft uses with these endless updates to see what you are searching supposedly for target advertising, you can bet your life that also includes the very same scheme.

And these are the people pushing us into World War and they are desperate to misrepresent absolutely everything. Zelensky is destroying his own country and he will live comfortably with a golden deal with the USA when the final collapse unfolds in Ukraine. These people have no regard for human rights no less our constitutional rights. They think they will rule the world, but our computer shows they will destroy everything and they will not retain power. But naturally, they do not want to hear that.

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