Post-Indictment Polls Show Massive Surge in Support for President Trump – Everyone Can See the Politics of Persecution

Posted originally on the CTH on April 2, 2023 | Sundance 

Generally polling is sporadic depending on the agenda of the pollster.  However, two separate polls released within a 24-hour period show almost identical outcomes.

The YouGov Poll [DATA Here] shows President Trump with a 31-point lead over Ron DeSantis 52/21. No one really close after that. In the head-to-head matchup with only two options, Trump now leads Ron DeSantis 57%-31%.  That up from a 47%-39% last month.  [Yahoo News Article Here]

Another poll [Article Here] “by Trump’s campaign team, found that 51 percent of Republicans see him as their preferred 2024 candidate – putting him ahead of his biggest threat Ron DeSantis who scored 21 percent.”  That’s an almost identical outcome to the YouGov poll.

[Article Here – Data Here]


President Trump responded to the support he sees via Truth Social. [Source Here]

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