Sunday Talks – Russell Brand Debriefs Matt Taibbi With Some Solid New Intel Surfacing About Larger Internet and Social Media Control Operations

Posted originally on the CTH on April 2, 2023 | Sundance 

U.K. cultural and political pundit Russell Brand sits down for an interview with U.S. Twitter File journalist Matt Taibbi, to discuss Taibbi’s experience with his recent congressional testimony, the advancement of the ‘Restrict Act’, and new revelations still coming from his exploration into the Twitter communication files. {Direct Rumble Link Here]

After some general overview and sense about the issues in/around congress, at 06:45 of the interview Taibbi begins to highlight new information he is discovering about how the Aspen Institute group was organizing, discussing and planning a larger objective about controlling any/all information on the internet.

Mr. Taibbi notes how the network of aligned NGO’s, government agencies and policy advisors from within the Aspen Institute were communicating with Big Tech about the best plans for both European and U.S. government regulation on speech and information on the internet.   As Matt notes, the senate ‘Restrict Act’ and the EU ‘Digital Services Act’ carry commonalities of purpose.  Additionally, as they government overseers trigger Artificial Intelligence (AI) to do the search work within content, the mechanisms within the machines will all deploy similar ideological algorithms. WATCH:

“They Are DANGEROUS People!” Free Speech Is Under THREAT!

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