Sunday Talks, Thomas Renz Warns of mRNA Vaccines in U.S. Food Supply

Posted originally on the CTH on April 9, 2023 | Sundance | 179 Comments

Attorney Thomas Renz was working on a legislative bill in Missouri for informed consent around vaccines, when suddenly he encountered pushback from Big Pharma and agriculture lobbyists.  When he looked into the nature of their opposition, he discovered the intent to use mRNA technology in the U.S. food supply.  Ever since he discovered this intention Renz has been trying to alert and warn everyone {Direct Rumble Link}.

Thomas Renz appears on the Bannon War Room for a discussion with Natalie Winters.   The first segment begins at 04:58 of the video below:

The second part of the interview {Direct Rumble Link} is below.  Start at 02:39:


I will have more information to share on this “genetically modified food” issue later this week.  I opened a research file on mRNA vaccines in food and will share a basic interpretation of the current status as soon as I finish compiling the information.

Prior CTH research on Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH) in cattle and milk, and the origin of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) commonly known as ‘mad cow’, will help to provide context to the current Rx and Big Ag intention with mRNA use in animal protein products.  Again, more later.

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