Now, This Makes Sense – Marketing VP Alissa Heinerscheid Explains Why She Made Bud Light the Brand for Woke Transvestites

Posted originally on the CTH on April 9, 2023 | Sundance | 712 Comments

Budweiser Light Vice President of Marketing, Alissa Heinerscheid, explains why she decided to make Bud Light the beer of transvestites. Trust me, once you see the background of Heinerscheid, in her own words, it all makes sense.

A middle aged, upper income highly educated white woman with three children, all born from surrogates, explains how her worldview, everyone needs their safe space to find their best identity, shapes her brand representation.

Mrs. Heinerscheid graduated from the Wharton School of Business (University of Pennsylvania 2012/2013), around the same time as Ivanka Trump.   She interned with General Mills (Cheerios brand), before ultimately landing the job with Anheuser Bush as VP of Marketing for Bud Light.

How her ideological outlook passed through the corporate filtration, is a case study on corporate stupidity. {Direct Rumble link}

Against the backdrop of micro-brew beer being popular with young people, Ms. Heinerschied defined her brand of Bud Light as the “fraternity/out of touch humor” brand amid young people.  She wanted to create a more “inclusive” image for beer; representation in the brand image became her cause celeb. Wokeism was the mechanics to deliver the brand change, so that’s what she did.

At her intentional direction, Bud Light is now the beer for Woke Transvestites.  Ms Heinerscheid made Bud Light a beer of, by and for transvestites. Pick up that selected beverage, and the consumer identity is now defined.  You are what you drink.  Watch This First:

Alissa Heinerscheid – Bud Light’s VP of Marketing explains the strategy of using “inclusive” marketing

Any corporate headhunter or recruiter who could not see the risk Mrs. Alissa Heinerscheid represented to their CPG product was/is an idiot. There are two videos below that clearly show what was predictable in the hiring of Heinerscheid.

Not only has she destroyed the brand she was supposed to steward, but she has also created a massive financial problem for Anheuser Bush along with entire business network from manufacturing to wholesale distributors, to restaurants and bars. No one is buying the product.


Here’s Alissa Heinerschied during her 2012 Wharton school internship. (Via General Mills)


Here’s Alissa Heinerschied after she took the job at Bud Light.


Anyone with a clue about how to interview executives could predict what result Ms. Heinerschied was going to deliver.

It really is quite funny in the big picture.

The brand is destroyed.

The Wharton School aspect is ironic….

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