UniParty – Oh, About That “New” Healthcare Plan Push…

There are many people rightly concerned about legislative issues seemingly stuck in the mud.   However, what many of those same people seem to forget is the basic reality of President Trump’s America-First agenda being opposed by professional republicans even more than it is opposed by professional Democrats.  DC is a UniParty.

Republican and Democrat political leadership, the UniParty writ large, have been paid to protect the legislative priorities of the multi-billion lobbying group known as K-Street.

The fallacy of false choice lies behind the concept of controlled opposition.

Prior to Donald Trump there was only one political party in DC, the Uniparty. President Trump represents the alternative; the second party.

For almost five years we have been pointing out the construct.  The UniParty have three unwavering primary objectives as purchased by the lobbying groups: 1) Retention of Obamacare; 2) Budgetary spending to retain growth of government; and 3) comprehensive immigration reform to include amnesty.

These three primary legislative issues are not up for debate, modification or discussion.  The legislative outcomes have been purchased, multi-million-dollar investments made, and the interests behind the legislative constructs will not allow any elimination or concession.

Beyond that reality, the rest is simply political optics and gamesmanship.  If you refuse to accept this baseline, you will continue to find yourself frustrated as you try to reconcile what is not happening.

Congress, as salesmen for the interests funding their activity, does that which is important to it; and congress does not do that which is antithetical to its pre-purchased interests.

President Trump, through his proposed policy objectives, is antithetical to those interests.


Essentially, President Trump has requested the following:

  • A budget with actual baseline reductions in spending.  Where Trump’s cabinet, individually and collectively, will actually reduce scale, scope and reach of federal government.
  • Healthcare reform to include the elimination of ObamaCare and a return to free market principles to drive down the cost of insurance products.
  • Funding funding to enhance enforcement of existing immigration law and a border wall to ensure the long-term reductions in the ease of illegal, unauthorized migration.

All three of those requests are opposed by Republicans and Democrats in congress.  You can beat your head against the wall in frustration, but the reality doesn’t change.  The big money interests who write legislation have paid all members of congress to block these basic principles of President Trump policy.

EXAMPLE – You might remember seeing Senator Rand Paul on TV for 10-consecutive-days (March), proclaiming that RyanCare must be defeated.  Toward that end Senator Paul put on a tuxedo went to the House of Representatives, lobbied them personally, and handed out instructions and books telling Hillary’s Favorite Caucus (HFC) if they simply blocked President Trump and Secretary Price he (Paul) would, within two weeks, provide a clean repeal bill from the Senate.  Senator Rand Paul said he and Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Mike Lee already had the legislation written for the clean repeal.  Senator Paul stated if the House members simply followed his plan he would guarantee the “repeal only” bill would advance within two weeks.



Remember that?


This is the same UniParty that approved Trade Promotion Authority, a Republican Bill, that allowed President Obama to construct TPP and congress reversed the threshold for approval – making it necessary for two-thirds of the Senate to oppose passage to stop it, instead of two-thirds necessary to approve passage.  Why would a republican controlled congress make it easier for Obama-Trade to pass and make it harder to stop?

This is the same UniParty that has refused to accept the ‘Notification of Intent’ letter from Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross permitting him to renegotiate NAFTA.  Why would a republican controlled congress block President Trump from re-negotiating NAFTA?

Go back and look at the lobbying money spent by the U.S. CoC.

You see, this is where CTH refuses to be co-dependents in our own abuse.  We fully understand, and more importantly ‘accept’, the DC UniParty congress has no intention of: Providing a budget to lower spending; repealing and replacing ObamaCare; allowing enforcement of immigration law to include deportation and a southern border wall.

It can be difficult to accept these realities.  It can be difficult to confront your abuser.  However, until the larger electorate understand the structural concept of the UniParty, there will be hours-upon-hours of talking in circles, and tens of thousands of column inches typed in an effort to reconcile the irreconcilable and avoid accepting the diagnosis:

….Battered Conservative Syndrome !

Codependent no more!

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