Never Underestimate The Severity of James Comey’s Manipulative Intent…

There are times when it becomes important, perhaps very important, to emphasize inherent angles and intentions that breed within the scheme.

Those who view the actions, behaviors, and more importantly the words, from a perspective of their own outlook and moral center are making a critical mistake.  Former FBI Director James Comey does not frame his sentiments from the same operational perspective of those guided by an honorable moral compass.

Good Example Here.

Former FBI Director James Comey is steeped in the dark arts of self-serving deception. It is a character trait necessary for life at the top of the food chain in the deep swamp.  As such, the fully developed Comey persona is necessarily devoid of any cognitive genetic composition which would frame compassion for anything, or anyone. Comey looks out for his own best interests.  FIRST. FOREMOST. and ONLY.

James Comey constructed that hearing in the way James Comey wanted to construct that hearing.  Comey controlled when the hearing took place; Comey controlled the hearing being in public; Comey controlled the duration of the hearing, and Comey controlled the length of time each Senator had for the questioning within the hearing.

James Comey controlled everything about that hearing and said exactly what he wanted to say within that hearing.  Comey released his opening statement before the hearing, on the day prior to the hearing, because that was James Comey’s intention for the hearing.

Everything Comey said within the hearing was for a specific purpose, and with a specific audience for his message in mind.  There were no discoveries from the hearing that Comey did not intend as discoveries from the hearing.  Comey was messaging to former AG Loretta Lynch, former President Obama and former candidate Hillary Clinton.  There was nothing accidentally released within the hearing; everything was pre-planned, pre-staged, coordinated with like-minded travelers and well thought out.

Everything is always thought out. Every word is carefully considered. Every possible angle is run through a perspective of consequence so vast and extensive it would exhaust anyone unfamiliar with the necessary level of energy it takes to train your mind to a point where lying as the basis for preservation is habitual.

Skills that are second nature take less effort.  Professional lying is a trained skill, only possible amid those who have taught themselves to psychologically disconnect from any sense of guilt or remorse.  That is James Comey.

Unfortunately, that is the appropriate perspective to view these words:

“I asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter – I didn’t do it myself for a variety of reasons – but I asked him to, because I thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel.”

A swamp dweller skilled in the dark arts of deception and control would state those words knowing ordinary people, those with honest minds, would seek to remove the special counsel as an outcome.

Liars use reference points of honesty against their victims.

James Comey is setting up Special Counsel Mueller as fruit of a poisoned tree Comey would have you believe he planted. He didn’t; but his future interests are served in having us believe he did.

These ‘after-the-fact-words‘, spoken before congress, are framed as James Comey setting up an explanation and reference point for the appointment of his “friend”, Robert Mueller. However, these are also the Machiavellian words of Comey trying to diminish the risk inherent in Robert Muellers investigation.

Fired Comey has no way of knowing how deep the investigation may go.  Nor does James Comey know the severity of disposition amid those within the FBI ranks who saw and experienced his true, manipulative and self-serving character.

Therefore, the easiest way to remove risk is to corrode the foundation for the underlying investigative construct by deteriorating support for the investigation itself.

James Comey is no longer in control of the investigative inputs or investigative outcomes.

Those whom Comey has injured, namely Attorney General Jeff Sessions and President Trump, are in positions where they can honestly and openly monitor the larger investigative inputs and follow the outcomes; they can also monitor the ongoing activity of Comey himself.

When someone of Comey’s inherent disposition is in a place like this, they seek to influence through direct contact.  Absent of an ability to engage in direct contact the fall-back position is to influence the surrounding landscape (media an public opinion).

Never, ever, underestimate the severity or skill of a professional liar.

Never take anything they say at face value the way you would a disconnected observer.

Liars lie, it’s what they do.

Professional liars lie well, it’s what they’ve trained themselves to do.

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