Sara Carter and Sean Hannity Are Being Played By James Comey…

Continuing evidence continues to mount that James Comey is carefully playing an orchestrated scheme leading to counter-positioning he has constructed, and useful idiots are playing along without noticing who is baiting them.  This is so typically Comey.

The latest evidence surfaces as Sara Carter writes an article, based on a leak of a discussion Comey had with lawmakers in the closed intelligence committee session last Thursday.

However, what Carter and later Sean Hannity actually end up doing, under the auspices of catching Loretta Lynch in something sketchy, is restoring the dignity, honor and moral certitude of former FBI Director James Comey – JUST LIKE COMEY PLANNED.

It is actually getting hilarious to watch play out.


To understand the Machiavellian construct you must first READ THE SARA CARTER article and see how it favorably positions James Comey as the harbinger of all things moral and virtuous.  Secondly, you must understand James Comey (See Here).

Reminder: Nothing James Comey says or does is mere happenstance, it’s all well thought out; including the statement he made behind closed doors after planting the public testimony “Matter” talking point from Loretta Lynch as the seed for the closed session follow-up.

James Comey constructed that hearing in the way James Comey wanted to construct that hearing. Comey controlled when the hearing took place; Comey controlled the hearing being in public; Comey controlled the duration of the hearing, and Comey controlled the length of time each Senator had for the questioning within the hearing.

James Comey controlled everything about that hearing and said exactly what he wanted to say within that hearing. Comey released his opening statement before the hearing, on the day prior to the hearing, because that was James Comey’s intention for the hearing.

Everything Comey said within the hearing was for a specific purpose, and with a specific audience for his message in mind. There were no discoveries from the hearing that Comey did not intend as discoveries from the hearing.

Comey was messaging to former AG Loretta Lynch, former President Obama and former candidate Hillary Clinton. There was nothing accidentally released within the hearing; everything was pre-planned, pre-staged, coordinated with like-minded travelers and well thought out. (more)

Anyone who is buying into the story of James Comey leaking the memos to his friend, Daniel Richman, to get a special prosecutor appointed is falling into the trap constructed entirely by James Comey.

James Comey admitted to the “leaking”, because that storyline is exactly what James Comey wanted to see play out in public.  James Comey is setting up Special Counsel Robert Mueller as fruit of a poisoned tree Comey would have you believe he planted.

Comey wants his political opposition to eliminate Robert Mueller.  Comey didn’t leak the memo to get Mueller appointed, he leaked the memo as an afterthought to cover for the leak mentioned by President Trump (May 12th), of a private conversation, that appeared in the New York Times on May 11th.

Remember, Comey controlled Asst. AG and Interim AG Sally Yates.  If Comey wanted a special counsel, Comey could have asked DOJ to appoint a special counsel any time he wanted.  He didn’t.

Comey didn’t, because the reality is he didn’t want a special counsel, because the reality is there’s no “there” there for the special counsel to investigate.  Comey was part of the political apparatus that constructed the “muh, vast Russian conspiracy” narrative and carefully nurtured it for over 8 months – even keeping congress in the dark on the entire matter.   Therefore James Comey knows there’s nothing within the narrative to substantiate the narrative.

Comey didn’t request appointment of a special counsel because the special counsel would only prove there’s nothing there.

That reality hasn’t changed just because the Russian Election Hacking Narrative (November), turned into the Russian Trump Conspiracy Narrative (December), which evolved into the Russian Trump Collusion Narrative (January), that has now become the Russian Trump Obstruction Narrative (May)… etc.

♦ Trump fired Comey on Tuesday May 9th.

♦ The New York Times wrote their “Loyalty” article on Thursday May 11th.  With leaked details of the private dinner meeting between President Trump and Director Comey.

♦ President Trump tweeted about possible “Tapes” on Friday May 12th.

♦ Supposedly Comey gave his friend Richman the “loyalty memo” to leak on Tuesday May 16th. And later told congress the intent was to spur a special prosecutor.  However, if you accept the probability this was a strategic justification in hindsight, things make more sense.

♦ More sense, because Asst. Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller on Wednesday May 17th.  Obviously there was more than a few days of internal discussion about the appointment.

♦ Friday May 19th Rod Rosenstein testifies to congress about his support for Comey’s firing.

Now, think it through.  In perspective, and knowing Comey never requested a special counsel himself; and knowing there’s no “there” there amid the vast Russian conspiracy nonsense; Robert Mueller is currently more of a threat to James Comey than he is to President Trump.

James Comey’s carefully presented admissions to congress, including his leaking and his motivation therein, is Machiavellian Comey positioning to undermine the special counsel – and bait his opposition into removing it.

Secondly, in the abstract, the mention of Loretta Lynch and the “matter” comments were entirely arbitrary, out of place, and generally unneeded in the framework of Comey’s testimony.

James Comey brought up the issue of Loretta Lynch because he wanted it brought up; and he wanted it brought up in public testimony to fuel media and ensure it was present in the minds of the public.  Comey also wanted to expand on the comments in the closed briefing; and he also planned on getting that closed briefing discussion into the bloodstream of his opposition (Carter/Hannity) because it benefits his intentions.

Again, think it through.

Comey briefed the same intelligence committee behind those closed doors twice, over three months, about President Trump never being under investigation.  THAT never leaked.  However, two leaks (so far) come out from the last closed door briefing: one about AG Sessions (Mayfair Hotel), and the second about Loretta Lynch (as Sara Carter outlines).

Those leaks are scripted.  James Comey wants those leaks.  James Comey is playing this.

James Comey wants the risk that is Special Counsel Robert Mueller shut down.  Utilizing the bathtub principle James Comey also wants public banter, leading to another entire congressional inquiry about former Attorney General Loretta Lynch.  This keeps Comey coming back to Capitol Hill; this keeps Comey in the loop; this keeps Comey….

James Comey is controlling all of this, and yet those playing along just can’t see it.  Former FBI Director James Comey is steeped in the dark arts of self-serving manipulation. It is a character trait necessary for life at the top of the food chain in the deep DC swamp.

Once you see the strings on the marionettes it’s impossible to watch the performance and not see them.

It was in FEBRUARY  when the FBI (McCabe) went to President Trump’s Chief of Staff privately and told Reince Priebus there was no truth to media reports, based on FBI leaks, of FBI evidence showing Trump campaign officials involved with Russian officials regarding the 2016 election.  It was all a complete nothingburger.

Details – On February 15th while discussing another issue FBI Assistant Director Andrew McCabe asked Reince for 5 minutes alone after the meeting.  At the one-on-one meeting McCabe told Priebus the New York Times Russia and Trump campaign story was a “bunch of BS”.

Priebus asked McCabe if McCabe would be able to say that publicly and get the media off his back about a ridiculously false narrative.  Asst. Director McCabe said he would check with his boss, FBI Director James Comey.  Later, McCabe called back and said he couldn’t issue a statement about it.


Reince Priebus was simply asking for the FBI to give truthful information about the false reports to the public.  The White House was asking Comey to deliver transparency.

Quote from the FBI to Priebus: “We’d love to help, but we can’t get into the position of making statements on every story”…

In hindsight, from current appearances, those February leaks (mentioned above) that drove the New York Times February report were actually leaks coming from James Comey.

Stop and think about it. McCabe is telling Priebus not to worry about a NYT report based on leaks coming from Comey.  James Comey then tells Priebus he cannot publicly refute the story based on his leaking.

Yea.  Perhaps now you see how Machiavellian this is.

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