Shooting Victim Steve Scalise Undergoes Third Surgery – Condition Remains Critical…

“It’s been much more difficult than people even thought at the time. It’s been — [Steve Scalise] is in some trouble, but he is a great fighter and he is going to be OK, we hope.” … “I have a feeling that Steve has made a great sacrifice, but there could be some unity being brought to our country. Let’s hope so.”

~ President Donald Trump

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise underwent a third surgery this morning following his shooting injury sustained at the Republican baseball team’s practice in Alexandria, VA. Doctors at MedStar Washington Hospital Center said the Louisiana Republican remained in critical condition, and they began a third operation.

According to medical professionals multiple surgeries in this context are not unusual. There are multiple vital organs in the pathway of the bullet and surgeons are often checking to ensure prior procedures to repair damage are holding.  Rep. Scalise faces a long path of treatment and recovery ahead and remains in critical condition.

Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen visited the Scalise family at the hospital Thursday morning, but did not provide additional information about his condition.

(Via Politico) Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and his leadership team called an emergency conference Thursday morning to give lawmakers an update. Scalise’s Chief Deputy Whip Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.), who also has visited him in the hospital, gave a moving speech about faith in dark times — and about Scalise’s strength as an individual.



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