UPDATE: Special Election: GA-06 Karen Handel -VS- Jon Ossoff – *Results Karen Handel WINS !!

All eyes are upon Georgia’s 6th congressional district tonight for the special election to fill the empty house seat formerly occupied by HHS Secretary Tom Price.

Republican Karen Handel is facing off against Democrat Jon Ossoff.   National media and the national democrat party are ‘all-in’ to support Ossoff and have spent over $30 million in their effort to secure a victory.   Polls close at 7:00pm EDT

UPDATE:  Republican Karen Handel Wins

If Jon Ossoff is victorious the pre-staged Democrat MSM narrative is that all republicans are completely annihilated from any further political power; the oceans will begin to recede, free college tuition begins immediately tomorrow morning, the planet will heal itself, money starts growing on trees and Hollywood is once again all that really matters in the life of the correctly-minded and finally victorious moonbats.  However, if Jon Ossoff loses, it means nothing.

According to local district 06 media Ms. Handel began the day doing the one thing her challenger Jon Ossoff was incapable of doing, she voted.

Mr. Ossoff does not live in the district therefore he is unable to vote.  Instead Ossoff joined a buffet breakfast with Hollywood celebrities and the DCCC special interest group: Womb Empowered Socialists United in Congressional Knowledge, aka “WE-SUCK.”



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