Media Mob – President Trump’s Bodyguard Keith Schiller Catches Lamp in Oval Office…

Earlier today President Donald Trump and South Korea’s President Moon Jae-In held a traditional press availability in the Oval Office.

The mob of media rushing into the Oval Office was extreme. President Trump and security can be heard/seen saying: “easy fella’s, go easy”, as the journalists, photographers and boom mic operators all clamored for position.

Unfortunately as this media mob swarmed the room they slammed into the couches which pushed one of the end tables knocking over a lamp next to the President. Fortunately President Trump’s personal bodyguard Keith Schiller was in position and quickly caught the lamp.

Sheesh. Watch:


Way to go Keith.

Someone needs to have a talk with these media people about having some respect and courtesy.  These people are out of control. Sheesh, what a frenzy.

There’s an MSNBC Hot mic at the conclusion where you can hear journalists saying: “this shit is nuts … that guy was assaulting me” etc.

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