Sunday Talks: John Brennan Selling His Politicized Narrative via Chuck Toad…

Former CIA Director John Brennan has been a long-time political operative with the Obama campaign and political apparatus.  First working on the campaign, then working for President Obama in the White House, then taking on the role of CIA Director.

•During the 2008 campaign Brennan’s firm, The Analysis Corp., was caught breaking into the State Department to cleanse the passport records of candidate Barack Obama. •As CIA Director John Brennan admitted to using his agency to spy on congress and apologized.

Everything John Brennan touches is weaponized for political benefit.


Regarding this interview. There is a great deal of misinformation surrounding the JAR (Joint Analysis Report) or the “Russian Intelligence Report”:

♦FIRST – Only one agency issued the report. The FBI (James Comey)
♦SECOND – Only information from TWO intelligence gathering agencies was used by the FBI. The CIA (John Brennan), and the NSA (Mike Rogers).
♦THIRD – The ODNI (Clapper) does not generate intelligence. DNI is a hub for gathering intelligence from other agencies.
♦FOURTH – Only the CIA stated they had “high confidence” in the report. The NSA said “moderate confidence”.
♦FIFTH – The report was shared with 13 additional agencies; those agencies did not participate in the content of the report.

Summary: A highly politicized FBI black hat (James Comey) constructed a highly political intelligence report gathered from the highly politicized John Brennan (black hat) and the lesser political NSA Mike Rogers (white hat). That combined report was then shared with the political operative from the White House, ODNI bumbling doofus James Clapper (black hat), and disseminated throughout the intelligence community.

Here’s The Actual Report:

Everyone has an opinion of the report, but few have actually read the report.  It’s a giant nothingburger.

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