Sketchy and Triggered – Ralph Peters Calls Tucker Carlson a Hitler-apologist

Ralph ‘sticky lips‘ Peters is a dangerous person. His previous behavior and advocacy showcases his ideology as one which espouses American intervention and elevation of the war machine at any cost.

His history of advocacy for illegal weapons distribution to any foreign entity, regardless of their eventual and predictable disposition to the United States, is littered with outcomes supported by John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

Peters constantly pushes the memes of war, any war. He previously asserted that President Trump should appoint Lindsey Graham to be the Director of National Intelligence after General Mike Flynn was fired.

A few months ago Ralph Peters claimed Fox Business host Lou Dobbs was a Russian operative working on behalf of Vladimir Putin. His unstable mind previously caused him to be suspended from Fox News for using vulgarities to describe President Obama.

Ralph Peters is a seriously unstable and dangerous war-mongering person; and nothing triggers that mindset like a threat of demilitarization. Cue the audio visual demonstration.

CAIRO/BEIRUT (Reuters) – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights told Reuters on Tuesday that it had “confirmed information” that Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been killed.

[…] The Pentagon said it had no information to corroborate the reports. Kurdish and Iraqi officials also had no immediate confirmation.

Baghdadi’s death has been announced many times before, but the Observatory has a record of credible reporting on the Syrian conflict. Islamic State-affiliated websites and social media feeds have so far said nothing.  (read more)

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