The “Vast Russian Conspiracy” Was One of Two Available Narratives…

The Daily Caller has a good outline today showing how one of the people involved with the June 9th, 2016, Natalia Veselnitskaya meeting with Donald Trump Jr. was actually a U.S. State Department contracted employee.

(Via Daily Caller) […] Anatoli Samochornov, a Russia-born professional translator who worked as a part-time contractor for the State Department, worked with Veselnitskaya last year on an effort to roll back the Magnitsky Act, a law passed in 2012 which allows for sanctions against Russians accused of human rights abuses. (link)

As each day passes, and as more information is revealed, it looks increasingly likely the entire meeting on June 9th was being guided by purposeful construction.  Our early research into the motives behind the players involved appears to have been accurate.

Of course all oppositional entities who are antagonistic toward the president shout “conspiracy theory”.  However, the political motives are almost identical in construct to the 17 sexual harassment Trump accusers that mysteriously disappeared shortly after the election.

Having followed the deep weeds of politics for quite a while, here’s the most likely scenario.

Professional democrats are notorious for their creation of false outrage within political campaigns.  Mitt Romney’s binders of women, and 47% controversy are merely examples of nothingburgers thrown up against a politician not skilled enough to push back against the false narratives.

It is becoming increasingly clear that as soon as the Democrats saw Donald Trump was most likely going to win the GOP nomination (May 2016), they assembled their opposition research crews to build-out the best scandals for use in the general election.

The Russian Conspiracy scandal was one of the approaches; the ‘sexual harassment’ scandal was another.   Two ongoing attack angles both of which could be deployed depending on the consulting poll test results.

Not surprisingly the Clinton Team, which includes the Clinton media as revealed by WikiLeaks, decided to go with the “sexist”/”sexual harassment” angle.  It didn’t work.

It didn’t work, but they still had the “Russian’s support Trump” angle at the ready; so it was only a matter of a few phone calls to expand the narrative and put the wheels in motion to undermine, marginalize and disrupt…

If Team Clinton, writ large, had originally chosen the Russian angle for the general election it too would have failed. AND we would currently be bombarded with the sexual harassment accusations etc.  Both narratives were/are essentially interchangeable because ultimately the objectives of both were/are the same.

5 comments on “The “Vast Russian Conspiracy” Was One of Two Available Narratives…

  1. It is clear as day that liberals will do absolutely anything they can, no matter how nefarious, to destroy the President and his family. Yet, they don’t stop there. They are eagerly trying to destroy the Workday Joes of the world, as well. They cannot handle anything that doesn’t fit their narrative. Dealing with even a seemingly normal liberal, on a one to one basis, reminds me of poking jellyfish washed up on the beach when I was a kid. You just cannot make them see reason. To me, it is highly alarming to see the way they are treating President Trump and his family. Particularly, he, himself. I have no doubt that his opposition is capable of anything.
    Sorry for rambling. Great article.


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  3. I’m very smart and have a Masters and I was 100% for Trump on day one when he announced. There was no doubt that he would win and now his battle is with the Republicans that are just as “progressives” and the Democrats. The Republican leadership in congress are his main enemies now not the Democrats who are just idiots! Trump’s strategy is right on and in my opinion his bet bet to MAGA is to form a new political party.


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