Tillerson Deputy Attempts To Lower State Department Employee Anxiety…

When we initially read this article yesterday our review began with an earnest and sincere effort to understand the concerns amid the career bureaucrats in the U.S. State Department; and also to understand the overall cultural climate that would need Secretary Tillerson’s Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to calm these officials….

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The No. 2 U.S. diplomat on Tuesday sought to allay concerns among the State Department’s rank-and-file employees over possible layoffs and perceptions of a lack of firm direction under the administration of President Donald Trump. (more)

…After all, this has to be about the eleventyth time either Secretary Tillerson or Deputy Sullivan has addressed these ‘climate assessment’ issues. It was less than a week prior to this latest effort by Sullivan when Tillerson himself was talking to the department.

I mean seriously, how much “talking to‘ could one organization need? These are obviously some seriously needy people. Then again, we’ve long discussed the overall liberal perspectives within the department; so the most entrenched liberalism inside government is definitively inside the Department of State.

These are, as we have always accepted, generational and career liberals.

The State Department is the furthest left of an entire governmental enterprise that is based on upward personnel evaluations the further an individual moves left ideologically.

To encapsulate, the article within Reuters winds through layers of internal employee concerns and ends with the following paragraph:

[…] In response to a question from an employee about State Department efforts for gay and lesbian couples posted abroad, Sullivan told employees he would do everything he can to make sure everyone is treated fairly, a remark that drew strong applause, one of the officials said. (link)


Just close the entire department and start over.

It’s hopeless.

I cannot fathom the level of patience Secretary Rex Tillerson must possess to come from a private sector based on excellence and accountability, and yet work within such a dysfunctional snowflake culture of mediocrity and blame-casting.


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