Kim Jong-un Blinks

Well Kim Jong-un has blinked as he has now said he will wait before sending missiles towards the US Pacific territory of Guam. He said he was prepared for “the enveloping fire at Guam”, but he said he would watch what “the foolish Yankees” do before taking a decision.

I have warned that the risk was too great for Kim and the most likely reason he has blinked is because his missiles are not ready to really pull off that target. Secondly, if the US shoots them out of the sky, he will look like a fool and then we could see a regime change.

It is interesting how Gold closed precisely on the reversal and did not elect it. The markets somehow know more than opinions.

3 comments on “Kim Jong-un Blinks

  1. Not surprised. He’s quite a figure, though. This tiny, crazy, contentious baby-man, who stomps around like a spoiled toddler… So many Americans seem to think that his missiles could reach our shores, as opposed to being able to reach one of our territories, that his behavior provokes a fear response that has actual weight to it. I’m not saying that the good people of Guam don’t count, but a strike to Guam certainly doesn’t carry the significance of a strike to the U.S., proper. I always tell people that he can’t reach our shores, unless he mans a canoe and paddles here. lol! Not funny…I know, I know…


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