Steve Bannon Out At White House…

This was not unanticipated.  Those who have read CTH in the past two months will have noted the writing was clearly on the wall.  Especially in the aftermath of the American Prospect article and the downstream consequence that Secretary of State Tillerson and Secretary of Defense Mattis were fielding questions from media about why Bannon was undermining them -and President Trump- on national security policy via North Korea.

In the American Prospect article Steve Bannon also undermined U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson directly, and was far out of line with this:

“I’m changing out people at East Asian Defense; I’m getting hawks in. I’m getting Susan Thornton [acting head of East Asian and Pacific Affairs] out at State.” ~ Steve Bannon

This type of statement was so over-the-top arrogant, and exhibits a ridiculous level of power-lust and expressed self-importance, I asked the question: ” Who exactly is Steve Bannon to think that he can marginalize the cabinet? And against the division narrative within the White House why the heck would he push that opinion publicly? Is he trying to push the envelope and get fired?“.

Well, the White House Press Office has confirmed that political strategist Steve Bannon is no longer working at the White House.

On timing, it makes sense Mr. Bannon would exit today given the full national security meeting in Camp David attendance by: President Trump, VP Pence, General John Kelly, HR McMaster, Secretary Tillerson, Secretary Mattis, Secretary Mnuchin, ODNI Dan Coats, CIA Director Pompeo, AG Jeff Sessions, Ambassador Haley, Joint Chief Chairman General Dunford, etc.

Can you imagine the awkwardness of Steve Bannon being in the room, amid the administration team, given the nature of his public outline?  No way.

(Via Reuters) A source close to Bannon said he was not expected to resign on his own. “Bannon is going to make them fire him,” the source said. “He’s not going to officially resign. He’s still been doing the work. He’s been working on projects.”

The New York Times, however, cited a person close to Bannon as saying he had submitted his resignation on Aug. 7 and that it was to be announced this week, but had been delayed by the fallout from a rally by white nationalists in Virginia over the weekend.

Bannon damaged his standing by giving an interview to the liberal American Prospect this week in which he was seen to be undercutting Trump’s position on North Korea.

Bannon told associates he thought he was talking to an academic and thought he was off the record.  He has told friends he could go back to Breitbart News outlet if he were to leave the White House.  (link)

Both Steve Bannon, and Kellyanne Conway came into the Donald Trump campaign as an outcome of billionaire Robert Mercer and his politically active daughter, Rebekkah Mercer, switching support from Senator Ted Cruz to Donald Trump after the GOP Primary.  Bannon and Conway joined team MAGA mid-August for the final two months of the 2016 campaign.

Most of the predictable angst toward President Trump for Bannon’s release will most likely come from Breitbart and Bannon allies within the “conservative” sphere of Ted Cruz media and associated support groups.

In the final analysis, Steve Bannon was staff, always staff; simply staff.

Political Strategist Bannon did not create any of President Trump’s policies or platform issues.  The political policy from President Trump is directly from President Trump.

As I said before:

President Trump is the wave, the Tsunami wave. Steve Bannon is the surfer…. you already know how this story ends:

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