Cutting Through The Economic Gaslighting – A Simple MAGAnomic Reference…

Obviously there’s an awakening happening throughout the U.S. body politic.  Proof of that awakening is President Donald Trump.  CTH has long held the belief that with information, simple information, the awakening will continue.  However, the MSM have a vested interest in keeping ‘simple truth’s‘ wrapped up on complicated linguistics.

Complication serves their interests.

That said, and against the backdrop of the Atlanta Federal Reserve saying the U.S. GDP is on pace for third quarter growth at 4.0 percent. Here’s a reference point to showcase how much the American electorate have been subjected to economic gaslighting by the media.

The GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is simply the sum total of all goods and services made, manufactured and delivered in the U.S.A. minus the total value of our imported goods.

When considering economic growth, you may have heard that 4.0 percent or higher GDP growth is impossible.  Allow me to remove the gaslighting from that claim.

Assume the total of U.S. GDP is $20 trillion.  To get 5% growth we would need to add $1 trillion worth of goods and/or services.

However, we are not just constrained to the adding of $1 trillion in this equation. If we use a combination of additional exports totaling $500 billion, and we simultaneously eliminate imports of $500 billion we get the same GDP benefit of $1 trillion or 5% growth.

Now it might sound challenging to lower imported goods by $500 billion.  Indeed it is the harder part of the overall equation; ergo renegotiated trade deals.  However, if we can get the import manufacturers making the stuff in the U.S, instead of overseas, it becomes easier.  Now you see why Trump is trying to pull companies into the U.S. A successful example includes FoxConn.

On the other side of the equation we have U.S. exports.  If we can export $500 billion in more stuff, and/or add $500 billion in new stuff created inside the U.S. we gain our $1 trillion, or 5%.

It might seem like a challenge to export $500 billion in products.  It’s not; this is actually the easier side of the equation.  Consider the energy sector alone.  We are exporting massive amounts of energy resources; specifically ¹coal (energy coal and coking coal) and liquified natural gas (LNG).

Examples.  A single contract, with a single company, in one single state, is a deal recently made between Texas and Ireland for LNG.   One contract worth €338 million euros, or almost $400 million dollars. (LINK) That’s just one deal in the energy sector; with one company.  There are hundreds of such deals ongoing.

¹Coal: “exports of the fuel from January through May totaled 36.79 million tons, up 60.3 percent from 22.94 million tons in the same period in 2016“, (link) and that number is skyrocketing right now as you read this.

Additionally, remember President Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia?  He signed a crucial trade agreement worth “over $380 billion US Dollars“, again those are export dollars.

A simple summary that helps break through the MSM gaslighting on GDP growth the media claims is unachievable.

If we want to achieve 5% GDP growth all we need to do is generate $500 billion in additional economic activity, and reduce imports across all sectors by $500 billion.  The total of the combined action generates $1 trillion in GDP growth.

It’s a challenge, but it’s not as big of a challenge as the corporate media would have American voters believe it is.  Of course succeeding in that challenge is actually against the interests of corporate media and their overarching multinational corporate ownership, hence the gaslighting to say it’s impossible.


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