Dallas Cowboys Kneel Down in Arizona – Crowd Boo’s – NFL Implosion Complete…

The Dallas Cowboys, together with team owner Jerry Jones, take a collective knee at the start of the Monday Night Football game to display their unity with… well, something probably.  Stick a fork in the financial future of the NFL, it’s done; finished.

The only thing that was saving the NFL from full organizational collapse was the advent of Fantasy Football Leagues and the subsequent betting and fan-based league play therein.

Never underestimate the inability of any business organization to inoculate itself with idiot resistant policies once they enter the arena of identity politics.  It has always been thus:


There is something profoundly hilarious in the face of team owner Jerry Jones looking so smug, as if he’s figured out how to navigate this insufferable financial minefield. He didn’t. Now watch the slow-motion financial implosion… that smugly look will change quickly as he watches his organizational bank account drain.  Which is faster than the knee he promised to never take. By Thanksgiving; you’ll see. Bigly.

I’m sorry, but I just can’t stop laughing. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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