Faced With a Collapsing Narrative Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr Tries Reversing Claims on Russian Conspiracy….

The Associated Press published an interview with Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr today where the intensely corrupt Senator Burr tries to reverse all his prior positions, publications and manipulated committee findings, against President Trump.

“Sorry bro, gotta bail”…

As the tide changes; and with DOJ and FBI officials delivering testimony; combined with communication between U.S. co-conspirators (Bruce Ohr, Glenn Simpson) and foreign actors (Chris Steele, Oleg Deripaska) gaining sunlight, the larger united effort between the intelligence apparatus and politicians starts to become a risk to elected individuals.

Remember, the background here is: currently indicted Senate Intelligence Committee Security Chief, James Wolfe, through his lawyers, having already stated they intend to subpoena Intel Committee members as part of Wolfe’s defense for leaking classified information to the media and lying to the FBI.

(AP) […]  Burr said there is “no factual evidence today that we’ve received” on collusion or conspiracy between Russia and President Donald Trump’s campaign. But he said he’s still open on the issue and hasn’t personally come to any final conclusions, since the investigation isn’t finished.

The Senate investigation is the last bipartisan congressional probe of Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and connections to Trump’s campaign. Working with the panel’s top Democrat, Virginia Sen. Mark Warner, Burr has so far managed to keep the investigation free from the extraordinary acrimony that has plagued work on the House side of the Capitol. The House Intelligence Committee bitterly fought through its entire Russia investigation, which ended earlier this year despite the objections of Democrats.

“From an institution standpoint I want the American people to understand that the Senate can function, even on the most serious things,” Burr said.  (read more)


Bruce Ohr, Chris Steele and Oleg Deripaska are keys to blowing the conspiracy wide open.

The collateral damage will consume people like Senator Burr; a corrupt never-Trumper who aligned in common cause with the conspiracy crew.



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