The Maltese Fulcrum – Sketchy Mueller Sentence Recommendation For Papadopoulos Plea Likely 30 Days Incarceration…

In a late Friday submission to the court (full pdf below) Special Counsel Robert Mueller has presented a sentencing memo recommending 30 days jail for George Papadopoulos. The basic charge against Papadopoulos was lying about the timing and substance of his meeting with Maltese professor Joseph Misfud.

Misfud is the professor who allegedly told Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos that the Russians had emails related to the Clinton campaign. The FBI says it opened its Crossfire Hurricane investigation on July 31st, 2016, after Papadopoulos relayed that information to Australian diplomat Alexander Downer, and the Australians tipped off U.S. authorities.  However, HPSCI Chairman Devin Nunes refutes this origination claim.

Almost everything about the origination narrative stands without evidence. Quite the contrary both Misfud and Downer have given statements that directly contradict the popular origination pitched by the media. The DOJ and FBI have never given an actual explanation as to what evidence existed to originate the Crossfire Hurricane operation. Everything is media supposition. Thus, everything remains sketchy – including everything surrounding the plea agreement between Robert Mueller and George Papadopoulos.

Within the DOJ’s July 28, 2017 Affidavit and/or the October 5, 2017 Statement of the Offense there is no mention of the meeting between Papadopoulos and Downer. However, there is a portion of the offense where Papadopoulos is cited as mentioning “thousands of emails” in his FBI Interview regarding his April 26th, 2016 meeting with Mifsud.

Unfortunately, it appears the narrative of the meeting content comes from the FD-302 interview notes of FBI agent Peter Strzok who is known to have fabricated the content of his interview notes to support his own investigative agenda.  Recently Papadopoulos, through his wife, has indicated a possible withdrawal of his plea.    So who knows…

It is worth noting an earlier point by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes that there was no official intelligence used in the opening of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Investigation: “There was no intelligence that passed through the Five Eyes channels to our government. There was no Five Eyes Intelligence Product as it’s been reported. There was no product.” ~ Devin Nunes

Regardless, ultimately sketchy George Papadopoulos accepted a sketchy plea agreement under the sketchy auspices of lying to the sketchy FBI during a series of sketchy interviews about the timing of his meeting with sketchy Professor Misfud.



More background:

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♦There’s a terrific May 2018 twitter thread with details – SEE HERE


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