John McCain Dies at 81

John S. McCain has died at 81. Of course, the media calls him a war hero which make others angry. But still, it is not an appropriate time to criticize the man. Condolences are appropriate for his family who survive him. It is never easy to lose a family member. What rises to the surface for them is all the memories. They will miss him.

7 comments on “John McCain Dies at 81

    • That was an interesting article, thanks for the link. I am a Vietnam vet and I was in Nam when McCain was shot down. Much later in the 80’s I began to hear first hand accounts of McCain and from my sources I agree with Trump he was no hero and it was only his dad being an Admiral that kept him out of Leavenworth for his miss deeds not just in the Hanoi Hilton there is much more.

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      • I lived in VN and knew that the US tried to be its savior until there was a sudden U turn after the Israel-Arab war. So I had to find out why and all the reasons came up and it is NOT what the media told us:
        The VN war started with a Chinese plot to become great again through communism. North VN had terrorise Vietnamese people (like ISIS in Iraq), they ran away to South VN and USA jumped in. Maxdox incident may be true or may be not but US cause was noble. The indicision by US created fatigue and the Press (exactly like now) wanted US to give up that war to serve full time on the Middle East.
        That explains the whole chains of events.


      • Thank you for the generous offer, only genuine believers in noble causes can make such a commitment.

        I am really happy to be offered your book on DVD. However, right now I am devoting time to a broad front against misinformation by politicians and the Deep State and would not have enough time to give your book the right kind of appreciation it deserves.


      • The PP goes into a lot of the corruption that went into the Vietnam war. But that was old stuff and no one cares today. Keep up the good work we are in big trouble with the current corruption and it is a lot deeper than any one knows.

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