Retreat We Much: Attorney for Michael Cohen Now Reverses Claims on Trump Knowledge of any Russian Event…

After the Michael Cohen guilty plea. his attorney Lanny Davis began pitching a claim that the longtime Trump loyalist/lawyer had information Trump knew of the Russian hacking of Democratic emails ahead of time.

Davis said: “I believe that Mr. Cohen has direct knowledge that would be of interest to Mr. Mueller that suggests -I’m not sure it proves- that Mr. Trump was aware of Russian government agents hacking illegally, committing computer crimes, to the detriment of the candidate who he was running against, Hillary Clinton.”  And the media ate it up, and put Davis on just about every possible TV show imaginable.

However, in an interview with the Washington Post this weekend, Mr Davis not only walked back that claim, he entirely retreated from it:

(Via Washington Post) An attorney for Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former lawyer, is backing away from confident assertions he made that Cohen has information to share with investigators that shows Trump knew in 2016 of Russian efforts to undermine Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Lanny Davis, a spokesman and attorney for Cohen, said in an interview this weekend that he is no longer certain about claims he made to reporters on background and on the record in recent weeks about what Cohen knows about Trump’s awareness of the Russian efforts.

[…] asked Saturday how confident he was that Trump knew about the hacking before it became public, Davis said: “I am not sure. There’s a possibility that is the case. But I am not sure.”  […] “I was giving an instinct that he might have something to say of interest to the special counsel” about hacking, Davis said. In retrospect, he said, “I am just not sure.”  (more)

This follows on the heels of Mr. Davis also walking back his prior claim that candidate Trump knew of the Trump Tower meeting.  During a CNN interview Lanny Davis told Anderson Cooper, per his client, candidate Donald Trump had no knowledge of the Trump Tower meeting between Don Jr. and Natalia Veselnitskaya.

And Davis has also stated that all of the claims within the Clinton-Steele dossier about Michael Cohen are also 100% false.  “Thirteen references to Mr. Cohen are false in the dossier, and he has never been to Prague in his life,” Davis told Bloomberg news.

So, there we have it.  Lanny Davis is saying the dossier is false; Trump never knew about the Trump Tower meeting with the Russian lobbyists; and his client, Michael Cohen, has no knowledge of anything to do with Donald Trump and Russians.

:::poof::: …gone. Just like that!

But why is uber-partisan Democrat Lanny Davis now deconstructing the entire ‘Muh Russia’ conspiracy theory?  Why is Clinton acolyte Lanny Davis now single-handily dismantling two years of narratives promoted by the left-wing media?

Well, the answer to those questions is likely found in the outlet now helping to systematically retreat from years of false-reporting; The Washington Post.

There never has been any truth to the vast ‘Muh Russia’ conspiracy, you know that; all research proves that; it is a fundamentally made-up narrative initiated to support the deployment of the scheme team insurance policy.  Eventually it was always going to end up hitting a dead end.  However, the Washington Post is also the outlet for the aggregate U.S. intelligence apparatus, and particularly the CIA, FBI and DOJ-NSD.  Essentially WaPo is their PR and Narrative Engineering firm.

Before giving Lanny Davis any credit for magnanimous honesty, think about what the remaining inside elements of the scheme team need (in combination with the risk matrix of those now on the outside).

Impeachment was the end-objective of the insurance policy. Lanny Davis is now the pivot man to take the impeachment ball from Robert Mueller (Muh Russia) and pass-it-off to the Southern District of New York under the auspices of ‘campaign finance violations‘.

With the DOJ Inspector General FISA and Spygate investigation ongoing -likely nearing completion, and quite possibly bringing unwanted sunlight upon the entire scheme architecture- the impeachment crowd need a way to draw focus away from the risky IG sunlight outcome and still maintain morale amid the resistance movement.

Lanny Davis becomes the tool for the entire shift.


The sun is setting on the ‘Muh Russia’ narrative.  There was no obstruction.  Both failing narratives no longer provide any benefit for the 2018 mid-term elections.  Democrats need a valid reason to keep impeachment hopes alive; hence the visible shift toward campaign finance laws…. and terribly immoral Trump etc.

Lanny Davis is the pivot-man.

Remember, this is the Washington Post, CNN, New York Times, MSNBC primary audience; and the democrat party standard voter:

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