When is a Mob not a Mob? – When Democrats Realize Their “Mob” is Destroying Their Mid-term Hopes…

The Democrat party intentionally made a choice to embrace socialism and far-left Marxist ideology in an effort to fuel their political goals.  Tom Perez, current head of the DNC, has a life of activism and assembly for just these purposes. However, the predictable risk and consequence of that decision is really simple; a loss of control over the mob.

With four weeks left before the mid-term elections, the modern democrat mob is now so highly visible, and so filled with toxic/violence and rage, it has become a liability….  The only thing the media can do to assist their party is to downplay the mob and pretend it doesn’t exist; that’s the currently urgent narrative.  Cue the audio visual:


The far-left is really the authentic democrat base under various names. Before there were Democrat Socialists it was the Antifa mob, Revolution Communism (RevCom), the Black lives Matter mob, the Dream Defenders mob, the Occupy Wall Street mob, Anarchists, the Weather Underground, the KKK, etc. ….it is all the same political leadership.

Occupy Wall Street 2011

Occupy Wall Street 2011

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