Lou Dobbs on The DOJ: “The Rats are Running The Place”…

Methinks Mr. Lou Dobbs is encapsulating a great deal of MAGA frustration the American people currently have with the United States Department of Justice:


It appears that Team Mueller is waiting for the outcome of the midterm election to determine how they write their investigative summary. Team Mueller has absolutely nothing to do with a presumed figurehead, a human person, named Robert Mueller. It was the “team” who selected Mueller, not vice-versa, for exactly that reason.

Meanwhile, everyone might remember the useful idiot called James Clapper.  There again, was another doofus who was enlisted to run the ODNI specifically because he was too stupid to run anything, and simultaneously could not realize he was a tool for others.  Well, they didn’t break the mold when they created Clapper, they only shelved it for a few years and took it back down to appoint current FBI Director Christopher Wray.

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