President Trump: “If for any reason it becomes necessary, we will CLOSE our Southern Border.”…

They said he wouldn’t pull out of the Paris Climate Treaty, he did.  They said he wouldn’t withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, he did.  They said he wouldn’t implement global Steel/Aluminum tariffs, he did.  They said he wouldn’t dare withdraw from the G7 agreement in Canada, he did.  They said he couldn’t get Canada to agree to a new NAFTA agreement, he did… the list is long.

One of the more consequential aspects to President Trump is he doesn’t bluff.  Regardless of the scale of the assertion, every adversary is WELL AWARE he will do what he threatens if the situation he confronts doesn’t change.  In this regard, no president, NO-ONE, has ever instilled such direct and focused fear once an adversarial issue, intentionally or unwittingly, falls into Trump’s sights.  They know he will do this:

The truth is, regardless of opposition or public opinion; regardless of how the media will attack the decision; President Trump will factually shut down the U.S-Mexico border if that becomes the remaining best option to deal with the crisis and protect U.S. interests.

Mexico knows this too.

The guy simply doesn’t bluff.

It’s the darnedest thing we’ve ever seen in modern politics…. seriously.

They said his economic plans wouldn’t deliver 3% GDP growth, they are.

They said he couldn’t pull-off a unity accord between North and South Korea, he did.

The list is long…

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