The Republican congress persons and senator persons must all be gender neutral nothing between their legs. Well Trump does speak out and take the heat, so be a man for a change.

The corrupt main stream media is seeking to interview as many Congressional Republicans as possible, and who could blame them. Most being interviewed are gutless and refuse to boldly support the campaign pledge that largely got Donald Trump elected. A wall to help secure our southern border. Senator Rob Portman was one of those disturbing interviews. If proper funding is not provided the president has threatened to partially close down the government, a display of political courage rarely seen in Washington these days. He must have the support of Congressional Republicans.

Donald Trump’s presidency and the future of the Republican Party are at crossroads. This lame duck session is the last opportunity for Republicans to prevail and they must unite. I will be letting Senator Portman and the rest of my representatives know that my future votes are at stake – it’s now or never! I urge those who agree with me to do the same.

Jeff Longo

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