Sunday Talks: Shifty Schiff Outlines Coordinated Plan With Mueller For “Testimony”…

Shifty appears with for an interview with Furrowed Brow to push the impeachment narrative etc.  Within the interview Shifty talks about lengthy coordination and careful planning with Robert Mueller for a scripted July appearance.

[Prompted to 05:38 just hit play]


Shifty, Pelosi and Nadler have to be very careful with Mueller to avoid exposing the coordinated enterprise behind the two-year Rosenstein, Weissmann and Mueller scheme.  It will be interesting to see how they plan it out. [If Ever]

Likely they will only bring Mueller under VERY carefully control; and they’d probably prefer a panel approach where scripted Mueller confidants can bookend him during any questioning.  It’s highly unlikely Schiff would attempt to use Robert Mueller as a stand alone witness in a public hearing.

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