Trump Administration Evaluating Complete Blacklist of Chinese Products for U.S. 5G Infrastructure…

According to a Wall Street Journal report, President Donald Trump is considering a requirement that all next-generation 5G cellular equipment used in the United States will have to be designed and manufactured outside China.

As part of the 150-day executive order review, initiated after cybersecurity concerns in the United States, administration officials are asking tech companies and telecom equipment makers if they can develop U.S. hardware including cellular-tower electronics as well as routers and switches, and software from sourcing completely outside China.

(WSJ) […] The conversations are in early and informal stages, they said. The executive order calls for a list of proposed rules and regulations by the 150-day deadline, in October; so, any proposals may take months or years to adopt.

The proposals could force the biggest companies that sell equipment to U.S. wireless carriers, Finland’s Nokia Corp. NOK  and Sweden’s Ericsson, to move major operations out of China to service the U.S., which is the biggest market in the $250 billion-a-year global industry for telecom equipment and related services and infrastructure. There is no major U.S. manufacturer of cellular equipment.

U.S. officials have long worried that Beijing could order Chinese engineers to insert security holes into technology made in China. They worry those security holes could be exploited for spying, or to remotely control or disable devices.

Washington has already essentially banned telecom equipment from Chinese companies, especially industry leader Huawei Technologies Co., from the U.S. over these cybersecurity worries, which Huawei says are baseless. Now, the White House is taking those concerns to the next step by asking Western telecom-equipment makers whether they can rejigger their China-dependent supply chains.

“While the primary national-security concerns center on Chinese-owned firms, the equipment produced by any firm operating in China is at greater risk for vulnerabilities because of access to personnel and facilities,” said Michael Wessel, a member of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, which reports to Congress on security issues. (Read More)

Thankfully, we have U.S. President Trump in place during this critical moment in history on a multitude of fronts.   Even Trump’s most virulent detractors will admit there is no-one in government more patriotically committed to an America First agenda.

With one branch of government, DC legislative branch, full of purchased agents by foreign governments and corporations, President Trump stands uniquely alone without any attachment to special interests…. Pretty incredible actually; perhaps even divinely so.

The dynamic of these trade decisions having a multi-generational impact on life within our borders; and considering the ramifications if we allow foreign interests to purchase our domestic policy…. The 2020 election is even more critical.

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