President Trump G20 Press Conference – 2:30am EST Livesteam…

President Trump will be holding a press conference this morning as the G20 summit has concluded. The presser is scheduled for 2:30am EST in Osaka Japan. There are multiple media reports that President Trump and Chairman Xi Jinping have agreed to restart trade discussions.  This will likely be a primary focus of questions as the world is watching.

UPDATE: Video Added

With the pre-G20 magnanimous panda activity by China, there’s little doubt Chairman Xi will have offered a modification in DPRK influence in exchange for a some form of trade negotiations; likely now limited to the restart.  That would present a position where Vice-Chairman Liu He can reengage with the U.S. team (Lighthizer and Mnuchin).

It would make sense for President Trump to pause any further tariff action as an act of good faith if that move can get Kim Jong-Un released. It costs the U.S. position nothing.

White House Livestream – Fox News Livestream Link – CGTN Livestream Link

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