Translated North Korean Broadcast Even More Optimistic and Respectful Than Initial Review…

Jumping Ju-Ju bones. Wow.  The North Korean broadcast of the meeting between President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un has now been fully translated to English.

Initially, even without the translation, we could see the optimistic message and a mutual strategy that would align the interests of Chairman Kim and President Trump.  However, the translation is even better than anticipated.  The message to the North Korean people is not just optimism and propaganda, the message directly and purposefully conveys an incredibly strong message of respect for U.S. President Trump.  WATCH:


Traditional propaganda messaging would convey great power and respect for Dear Leader Kim Jong-Un and a message of moderate diminishment toward the U.S. President.  This type of propaganda narrative is also what the U.S. Main Street Media had stated Kim Jong-un would use.  But they’re wrong… all of them.

The actual message conveyed to the citizens of North Korea is one of united celebration and magnanimous respect for Chairman Kim and President Trump.  The broadcast specifically cites “wisdom”, “respect” and praise for the “incredible courage” of President Donald J Trump.  Exactly the opposite message predicted by the DC naysayers.

All over southeast Asia the media reports are optimistic, positive and upbeat with the possibility of a generational crisis finally coming to an end. President Trump is being called a hero throughout Southeast Asia for bringing peace to Korea.

Yes the DPRK broadcast is “propaganda”, but this type of propaganda with a message of optimism and peace that proclaims the dignity and respect of both leaders is the best kind of propaganda. This is not anti-American, this is specifically pro-American.

What an incredible shift in the dynamic.

Watch the cinematography of the video and it’s obvious the DPRK message is strategically positive. The emphasis on Moon Jae-in also indicates a hopefulness of a unified Korea. Both leaders united; both nations at peace. Incredible.

Happiness and optimism for the future of North Korea is the message. The video and accompanying storyline makes it clear how Kim Jong-un is comfortable, joyful and mutually respectful around U.S. President Trump.

The more this message is broadcast the greater likelihood President Trump and Kim Jong-Un will achieve a peace agreement and break free from the captivity of Chinese manipulation.

In essence this is the type of propaganda where Kim Jong-un is intentionally putting pressure on himself by elevating the optimistic expectations of his country. His country will want success, this empowers Kim to break free from Chairman Xi.

In my humble opinion this approach is a coordinated feature (aided by Donal Trump), not a happenstance outcome of fortunate events. President Trump indicated the value of this internal messaging when he delivered the first video of optimism for the people of North Korea to Kim Jong-un in Singapore highlighting what is possible.

Both President Trump and Chairman Kim are creating a scenario where momentum to peace is unstoppable.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in appears to have seen the brilliance of this approach now; and is positioning himself to facilitate not impede. Under this unified Trump-Kim strategy to weaken the illicit influence of Beijing’s dragon masters, the people of North Korea need to regard President Trump as an ally; this strengthens the position of Chairman Kim amid his own people.

With the people of North Korea genuinely supporting Kim, over time the Beijing elements within the Kim government can be isolated and removed. The goal is peace, diminishment of Beijing authoritarian influence/control, and with eventual release – freedom for the entire Korean peninsular.

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