Do as We say, Not as we do

There a many among us that do not have to follow any rules they are the Elite and are exempt!

Do as We say, Not as we do

Elite Privilege. You are the “little brains” that the elite need to control and look after and make sure we lead the lives they have chosen for us.

None of the rules apply to the elite.

Do as I say, not as I do..

Fauci can scold and bully America into keeping the muzzle of submission strapped on our faces, (face masks) but when the cameras are turned off, off comes Fauci’s mask.

Do as I say, not as I do..

Chris Christie, former governor of New Jersey, enjoyed a state park beach that was closed to the public because of the “government shut down”. He soaked up the rays on a crowd free beach that he closed. But those rules didn’t apply to him and his family.

Do as I say, not as I do..

Governor Andrew Cuomo traveled to Georgia recently. Georgia is on New York’s mandatory self-quarantine list.  Did Cuomo quarantine? Of course not! Cuomo has one set of rules for himself and another set for everyone else.

This is nothing new. It has been going on in both parties forever and well before that. We need to call out the elite hypocrisy and hold them accountable.

As George Carlin said…”It’s a Big Club” and you ain’t in it!


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