Where did this Craziness Start?

Starting in the mid 60’s and running though most of the 70’s a large contingent of the babies born between 1944 and 1964 known as the “me generation” or the “boomer generation” started to rebel against the existing political system and society in general.  The trigger for the rebellion was the Vietnam war and the draft of young men to be sent to war. However,  it quickly spread to encompass many other issues like race, gender and sexuality, leading to the culture wars in the 80’s. It was a very turbulent time as society was totally changed by the boomers. If you care to read about it I recommend the book The Fourth Turning An American Prophecy  by Strauss and Howe. The amassing thing about this book is that they predicted what we are going though right now.

Back then 1970’s


That was the background that we grew up in and most of us turned out just fine; however there was another groups of mostly rich kids that turned out to be very bad. Their parents were the first of the Progressives who believed in the principles of Marxism; not so much in the open as the cloaked themselves in terms like socialism. and social justice and well today we have BLM and Antifa to name just a few, which are direct extensions of the movements in the late 60’s and early 70’s. To many today, who were not alive back then, they wonder where these movements came from.

Today 2020

The answer is found in their writing and more specifically in a book they published om May 9, 1974.  The authors are: Bernadine Dohrn, Billy Ayers, Jeff Jones and Celia Sojourn. These were hard core radicals following the teaching of Saul D. Alinsky in his Book Rules for Radicals in which he taught how to make social change meaning a way to get to Marxism. This group and others goal was to fundamentally change America into a Communist country. The bock they published in 1974 outside what they wanted and do be honest the movement today will give them what they desired when they published Prairie Fire, The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Americanism. Rather than write about it just download it and read it yourself. The copy I have a a copy of the pages in that book and so of the quality is poor but it is readable. In private the discussed the cost to make the change they wanted and it was that 25% of the US population would need to die. Before you dismiss  that the Russian and Chinese conversion to Marxism cost each of those countries a much high percentage of their population.


The movement today is a combination of Marxism and Environmentalism and is a very dangerous combination, the code word for it is The Great Rest. There are other posts on my blog that explain what that is.


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