The Frontline Doctors will not be silenced!

From the CDC website we find this chart showing the deaths per age group for 2020 related to the Wuhan Virus. From this screen capture you can see that the deaths have dropped to a point they are only slightly above normal for respiratory illnesses. Left unsaid by the media is that COVID-19 kills primarily the same ages groups as many of the other versions and as COVID-19 kills an older person it means they will not be killed by another version so what really needs to be looked at are the total deaths from all respiratory deaths not just COVID to get the true picture.  And keep in mind that there is a financial incentive to “code” all respiratory deaths as COVID related to get federal money so its a reasonable assumption that COVID deaths are overstated.

Next we have a video of a press conference that took place in Washington, DC, on Tuesday, July 28, 2020, held by the group America’s Front line Doctors and organized and sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots Foundation. The press conference featured front line doctors sharing their views and opinions on the novel coronavirus, the medical response to the pandemic, and the censorship they have experienced from Big Tech.

I have added, to this post the video from the same groups that was taken down from Monday July 27, 2020. This one will not be taken down. This one is twice as long and goes into depth of the use of Hydroxychloroquine which DOES IN FACT WORK especially as a prophylactic. The front line doctors talk a lot about that and that is why the video was remove from the web.

Hydroxychloroquine is both safe and effective!

Lastly we have another chart from the CDC website which shows the deaths per week including all other medical related deaths. Here we can see that the COVID-19 deaths have created a spike but the current rate of deaths is barely above normal now.

Which means the shut down must end now!


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