Court Rules Lockdowns & Limits on Crowds are Unconstitutional

A federal judge has ruled against Pennsylvania’s Governor Democrat Tom Wold who has put countless small businesses out of business permanently including friends who had just opened a health spa and lost their life savings. Wolf impose of no more than 25 people were allowed indoors and 250 people outdoors. The judge correctly ruled that these arbitrary limits on crowd sizes and business closing orders to slow the spread of coronavirus were unconstitutional violating the freedom of assembly under the First Amendment. Essentially, Governor’s pandemic restrictions that required people to stay at home, placed size limits on gatherings, and ordered “non-life-sustaining” businesses to shut down, were struck down.

There has been a campaign against people who have spoken against Gates, this virus, and simply because Trump said he was taking Hydrochlorothiazide so all of a sudden it is lethal because Trump is taking it. Anyone who has spoken out is called a conspiracy theorist when that label applies to people making tenuous connections between things. Here we have Bill Gates constantly on TV around the world arguing for these lockdowns, saying we will never be safe without his vaccine and supports the elimination of paper money to force everyone into digital currencies where the Tech companies will get a piece of every transaction in the world. He experiments in Africa to launch what he would love to do to the rest of the world. Just saying this makes me now some conspiracy theorists despite the fact I just look to his own confirmed actions.

These lockdowns have cost more lives than the virus, but those desperate to keep us unconstitutionally locked down are clandestine supporters of Gates and have no problem with the blood on their hands. Even the CDC has admitted that handing hospital money for COVID has created an unethical economic incentive to escalated the numbers.

The REAL conspiracy theorists are those coming out calling anyone who dares to challenge their Gates Narrative the real threat to our liberty. This court order striking down what these people support as unconstitutional goes a long way in tipping the scales as to who are the REAL conspiracy theorists plotting to keep everyone ignorant.

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