UPDATE: Mission CTH Liberty Reaches Mid-Way Point…

Posted originally on The Conservative Ree House on November 28, 2020 by sundance

Ground Control: “Liberty One has reached mid-way file transfer. Apex point achieved without incident. File download 40 through 49 initiated. Begin countdown clock to blackout exit. Stay focused people.”… Godspeed.

As the CTH community is aware, WordPress/Automattic has demanded our voice leave their platform. Effective this moment, “Mission CTH Liberty” is underway, and we are separating from main host web servers. {Go Deep} During this transitional phase, we will have a controlled comment blackout until the site migration is complete to new host servers. You may or may not be able to comment.  Comments appearing may or may not transfer.  The anticipated transit time is now 15 to 20 hours to new host.

From the MAIL:

…”Wow, Sundance and crew have launched and setting course into the field of stars… And yes – there is radio silence during those moments after launch.

We remember the radio silence as Apollo went on the dark side of the moon and we waited for heart-stopping moments for radio contact to recur. Emotional moments they were.

And these are emotional moments, whether we think of them in the context of tank man or Paul Revere….when everything has been left on the field. Silence has fallen.

We wait for the lights to come back up….when there will be a ROARRRRRRRRRRR as the Patriot lion strides back on the field, in a tight group of 70 or 80 million or so.

I’m all choked up here, you guys.  I love you all.  So proud to know you and to be able to mark this moment along with you.  To put it mildly, you dun good. Yes…ya dun good.

I know it’s not over, by a long shot. But making this transition with the skill and capable effort you have … is a remarkable thing.

May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His face to shine upon you. May the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you great, great peace. All my love to each of you”…

LOVE backatcha.

Believe me it ain’t easy to spend more than a decade building our Treehouse and then taking a backseat as a new crew, with an incredibly experienced pilot, take control to move our massive and dynamic system into a new host. We are in good hands, God’s hands.

Trillions of ‘ones and naughts’ traveling through digital space in electromagnetic time and then landing thousands of miles from their point of origin…. perfectly reassembling by falling into the exact and precise sequence needed to re-emerge.

Quite remarkable.

A total of 59 chronologically distributed files containing massive terabytes of CTH library data (increasing exponentially by date) are being transferred.  We are now at file 40.

By taking this painstaking approach, we are ensuring that all internal links do not result in a “404” dead link notification. Meaning the library will remain intact, and all external links that lead to the CTH library will be able to find them. Additionally, and/all citations within the CTH library will be retained, and people will be able to use all the embed links; and also importantly, all prior links to your previous comments are retained.

♦ The domain name will remain the same: “TheConservativeTreehouse.com”, and should be seamless in transition to the new website and host servers.  However, after CTH 2.0 launch you may need to clear your browser “cookies” and “cache” so that your search or bookmark reaches the new servers accurately.

How you can tell – If you find yourself only finding older articles when you visit CTH Sunday(ish) this will be the problem.  Clear your “cache and cookies”, search or use your bookmarks for CTH again, and your browser should redirect you to the correct website.

When the comments go fully operational again, please be patient if you get hung up in a moderation cue. One of our challenges will be the absence of Askimet spam filtering. It may take time to release some comments if they are hung up in moderation. The site admins do a great job with comment moderation and release so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue; and quite frankly, there are likely to be benefits from not having the WordPress software filtering through the comments as they post. Spam removal will be a priority.  Current comments made during this transfer phase may not appear.

Thank you for your support and fellowship. We will always work diligently to deserve it.

The rebel alliance will reassemble with comments as soon as possible. We are approximately half-way through the anticipated blackout phase. Once the printing presses are rebuilt we shall meet at the Old Mill and ride again…  We are extraordinarily thankful.

We ain’t there yet, but so-far so-good…  Mission Control Doing EXCELLENT work!

Love to all,

~ Sundance

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