Georgia, Y’all Got a Problem

Posted originally on The Conservative tree House on December 6, 2020 by sundance

A very interesting video interview where cofounder of VoteGA, Garland Favorito, drills  down into the more granular Georgia voting and ballot tabulating issues revealing some interesting evidence and data.

Ware County, Georgia, conducted a hand count of ballots after they were run through the tabulating machines containing Dominion software.  What they discovered was an actual difference between the ballots and the results from the tabulation machine.  37 votes moved from Trump to Biden creating a 0.26% shift in the total vote.

Garland Favorito explains how the errors are not attributable to any other process other than an algorithm built into the counting software tabulating the ballots.  When Favorito was scheduled to testify before the state legislature, the republican leader of the committee blocked his testimony.  Listen to this interview starting at 04:00  WATCH:

Keep in mind this .26% algorithmic shift can be modified to any percentage based on the targeted precinct or county.  Additionally, as Favorito notes, this empirical result has currently only been identified in Ware County because other counties did not track their own data and relied exclusively on the Dominion tabulation result.  There’s no telling how far this algorithmic issue would extend.

(Graphic Source – Press Release pdf)

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